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Daniel Romero
Ops sorry @ronald you already answer this :P
Ronald Ceballos
haha @Ranacode cool!
haha wow so many answers :-) Thanks @Ronald03, @Ranacode and @toianw!!
hannahcologne sends brownie points to @ronald03 and @ranacode and @toianw :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Matej Bošnjak
@hannahcologne also .. classes like container-fluid, btn btn primary, col-xs-12 ... those are Bootstrap classes, so if you want them to have influence in your design, you should also include bootstrap library css file (link tag inside your head tag), and bootstrap js file on the bottom, under jquery library
Ivan Ngundela
hello everyone, I’m testing my portfolio website and need some help from you mates… the website is https://www.ingundela.com/ … what is bodering my the loading time of the hero image.. I’ve optimazed all the image make the loading time shorter but when you load the website for the first time the hero image takes to long to load…what should be the way forward to fix it? Thank you in advance
Kevin Kindorf
@ingundela one thing you could do is that if the image is taking a while to load, you could set a background color to the div it'll be applied to. that way there won't be any out of place white space but instead there could be a darker gray background for your top div and then the image would loaded on top of that once it's fully loaded. Besides I don't see any issues when I go to your site everything loads quickly
@ingundela https://www.sitepoint.com/five-techniques-lazy-load-images-website-performance/ maybe? I have not personally tried lazy loading but it might help?
Ivan Ngundela
@kkindorf @DuskyPixel Thank you guys I’ll have a look
ingundela sends brownie points to @kkindorf and @duskypixel :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Ivan Ngundela
@kkindorf is there anything else I should do before a load my webite to the server? like optimazing my code or something like it?…for the image I use photoshop and then imageOptim..
Kevin Kindorf
@ingundela does it not load for you? because everytime I open your website I don't notice any problems
Ivan Ngundela
@kkindorf it does load for me, but still see a grey color for a few second before the actuall image load…
Kevin Kindorf
@ingundela there are other web based tools out there that can optimize images but I dont remember the names for them. You'll have to google around to see what other solutions people have come up with if you think it's going to be a significant design issue for your site I found this if it helps https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/performance/optimizing-content-efficiency/image-optimization

so i have this codepen that is just a copy of a bootstrap template for collapse-nav.
what i want to do is, based on the break points (xs, sm, md) i want to hide the navbar-nav items.

example would be
lg change to md hide page 3 link
md to sm hide page 3 and page 2 links..

can anyone help me?

Ronald Ceballos
You want to hide a link at the time, depending the size of the screen, is that what you are looking for? @flyboy1565
if that's what you are looking for, where do you want the first link to hide to?
@Ronald03 I want it to go into the hamburger button
Adam Bohannon
If I have a really long SVG code in my CSS for a background that's crowding my file... is it acceptable to import it from another file in order to clean up my main styles.css? Just curious.
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@bjorno43 thanks mate
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@abohannon I don't see why not.
Yossi Fisch
I am trying to create a fluid iframe and followed a method that I found all over the web, you can see it here. However, the wrapper element in my case is a Flex item and that causes issues on Edge. Can anyone suggest a solution? https://codepen.io/yoizfefisch/pen/wpPLXE
Can someone explain how I add a background color to a navigation bar when I have a logo placed in there within a div? I can change background color without the image, but as soon as I position my logo on the far left, I can't change any background color
Tiago Correia
are you using floats?
Yes I am
Tiago Correia
add overflow hidden
to the div
floats have alot of issues:D
Ah, thanks! What exactly does Overflow do? @tiagocorreiaalmeida
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Eric Weiss
If the component extends outside of the div, overflow hidden will hide it
overflow is what will give you a scroll bar as well
Belenov Dmitriy
hi everyone. Who worked with recompose?
Ronald Ceballos
@flyboy1565 well then, it sounds you want to modify how the ".collapse" works. As far as my knowledge that might be complicate.
Ok.. I think I'll have to code it in the job then I guess..
What's the best way to position an image? I am using Margin right now, but just had to so a 1100px margin
Eric Weiss
really depends what you are trying to accomplish with images
@sjames1958gm I don't understand what "PENNYS", 1.01 represents
the cash register challenge ?
it means there is a total amount of 1.01$ in pennies, so 101 coins
Eric Hasegawa
I'm having trouble with the javascript calculator project