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This server caches data to lower the request rate. To prevent abuses this server accepts GET requests only, and serves only routes /users/:user, /channels/:channel, and /streams/:stream

None of them returns the list of channels followed by a user.

list of channels is in "user" object

This server caches data

How often does it refresh data?

No idea, maybe someone else knows about this but as far as I know it doesnt return it
anyone familiar with firebase?
I think I got it wrong
I don't need to parse the whole list of user's subscriptions and see whether FCC is online or not, I just need to create random list of channels with FCC in it and check them, right?
Hey guys
do you think a 256gb macbook pro 15' 2016 with touchpad + iPad pro 4g 128gb for 2260$ is a good deal?
William Watts
@ehutchllew @moT01 nope no luck...I can console log an output but i can't seem to get an action out of any class I use https://codepen.io/Braillon7/pen/RxBWbY
William Watts
"transform: translate(0, 100%);" is hiding the task-form...once commented out you can see it
Dan Lafferty
@Braillon7 I'm looking at your code and your jQuery call is trying to add an "active" class to all elements with the 'task-form' class. You don't have .active defined in your CSS. Perhaps you're confusing it with the active selector? A class named "active" is not the same as ":active". Also, your CSS has invalid comments in it - // is for JavaScript. CSS needs /* */
I'm having trouble figuring out what you're trying to accomplish by scanning above - if you can summarize, I'm happy to take a closer look
@Braillon7 fixed it. Sorry couldn't respond, internet went out.
@Braillon7 @DanLaff Like Dan said, you have to change .task-form:active to .task-form.active
Dan Lafferty
If it's a matter of opening/closing the form with a sliding motion, remove the transition and transform code from your CSS and change your jQuery to:
$(".add-circle, .close-btn").on("click", () => $(".task-form").slideToggle());
William Watts
wow you guys were a lot of help...I feel like an idiot. I thought I already tried that before as I originally had &.active and it wasn't working. This was a simple as a fix as I assumed it would be and believe it or not I spent all day trying to figure it out lol
@ehutchllew thank you
braillon7 sends brownie points to @ehutchllew :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 368 | @ehutchllew |http://www.freecodecamp.org/ehutchllew
William Watts
@DanLaff thank you
Brandon Blackwell

hello, if i have an object like this

randomObject : {
name: 'randomName',
age: 34

is there a way I can update name without knowing that the object is randomObject?

William Watts
hmmm how come @DanLaff didn't get any brownie points? give the man his brownie points lol
Dan Lafferty
I'm not a camper, just visiting to practice coding while helping others in the process
@Radlerz1 Object.keys() should help you with that
William Watts
lol oh...well thank you kind Sir! @DanLaff
braillon7 sends brownie points to @danlaff :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
Dan Lafferty
Happy to help :)
Brandon Blackwell
_id: "5a5fa8998e0cb9206c0d33a7",
__v: 0,
twitter: {
id: "786553098864963584"
what about that? how do I update name without knowing its twiter? it could be google, facebook, or twitter. Object.keys returns some random stuff I tried
Object.keys returns this [ '$__', 'isNew', 'errors', '_doc', '$init' ]
Dan Lafferty
@Radlerz1 You can also use for...in:
let myObj = {
  randomObject1: {
    name: "randomName",
    age: 34

for (let obj in myObj) {
  if (myObj[obj].name === "randomName") console.log(myObj[obj].age); // 34 is logged
And with Object.keys():
console.log(myObj[Object.keys(myObj)].age) // 34 gets logged
Kent Saeteurn

Hello all. I'm currently working on "Map the Debris" under Advanced Algorithm Scripting.

Can anyone tell me how to correctly round the results? I think my code is correct (for finding the orbital period and returning it as a hash nested inside an array), however, rounding the orbital period is off. It seems freecodecamp is using different rounding techniques?

for example, for sputnik, the result is 86397.158, and they round it off to 86400 (I can write the code to round it off this way)
however, for iss, the result is 5557.034, and they round it off to 5557 (I can also write the code to round it off this way as well)
further, for hubble, the result is 5733.86, to which they round off to 5734.

I'm confused. How exactly should I round off the results here? The instructions says to round off to the nearest whole number. The nearest whole number for 86397.158 to me is 86397, but they rounded off to 86400.

Can anyone help?

Rajat Parajuli
hey guys!
Need some help
How do I transition display: none to display: block
@rjpj2016 you can't transition a display
@rjpj2016 would have to be visibility
plus mess with the dimensions
Rajat Parajuli
I transitioned max-height.
@ehutchllew Thanks !
rjpj2016 sends brownie points to @ehutchllew :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 369 | @ehutchllew |http://www.freecodecamp.org/ehutchllew
Ken Haduch
@sansae - I just used Math.round on the result of the calculation? I think that it worked just fine.
Ken Haduch
@sansae - if you are still having problems, could you post your code? I just re-checked and my solution is returning the correct answers using only Math.round.
Kaz Baig

Interesting JS snippet making the rounds:

const a = {};
a.abuseCoercion = 0;
a.valueOf = function() {
  return this.abuseCoercion;

console.log(a == 1 && a == 2 && a == 3); // true

It was from an interview question asking, "Can (a == 1 && a == 2 && a == 3) ever evaluate to true?"

const are block-scoped