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Deepak Manjunath
is their any method which takes startDate and endDate and returns and array of months ?
Markus Kiili
@Deepak2322 No, but you might be able to get the month name in that format from the Date object and incrementing the month is easy.
William Watts
@Masd925 I spelled the word "screen" wrong and I did forget to put the "." in front of my class I was selecting so thank you for noticing that
braillon7 sends brownie points to @masd925 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 4668 | @masd925 |
Guy, why am i not getting any data from the api? :c
Markus Kiili
@lestairon Are you sure that jQuery is imported?
There are some errors on browser developer tools console.
@Masd925 right, Jquery wasn't imported
@Masd925 Thanks, get a cookie
lestairon sends brownie points to @masd925 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 4669 | @masd925 |
wait, i though they were cookies instead of points
hey hi
can anyone help me with "Create a form element?"
Stephen James
@spyreo What is your issue?
@spyreo Is this from the beta site
No @sjames1958gm
And i figured it out
Stephen James
@spyreo :+1:
Ali Bulut
I am having problems with vue js
Saboor Malik
@lestairon Yeah, once you reach 1000+ you will have stars. Under 1000 = cookies.
When i said "get a cookie" it didn't sound like i was expecting
Saboor Malik
Well stars won't be tasty
Ali Bulut
I have 2 web pages and I'm adding data to localstronge. I also want to draw the data on this page
how to show array object
Exaland Concept
Hi everyone , i need an help for making an planning booking system same to this one
i see this project use html + js + php
have you some idea for made this booking schedular time slot availability ?
thanks for your help
Daniel Romero
You can check the code with the developers tools on your browser
By the way I think the heavyweight logic it's in the backend side about that calendar
On the Weather app, how can i pass the location data to the api?
I already have the latitude and the longitude, but i don't know how to request the api the weather with those variables
Long Nguyen
@lestairon "" + lon + "&lat=" + lat"
@longnt80 Thanks man
lestairon sends brownie points to @longnt80 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 678 | @longnt80 |
Stephen James
@lestairon Or with template strings (my new go-to) less quotes to worry about
A guy on irc told me that this works too ?lat=#{lat}&lon=#{lon}
haven't tried yet
Stephen James
@lestairon For javascript? not that I am aware of.
Kirk Clemons
I'm looking for help creating this type of effect on click
current state: