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Janina Pohorecki
@moT01 I'd prefer to do it myself... unless there was a wicked easy library to use.
yea, not that i know of specifically - a quick search brings up a bunch https://css-tricks.com/lodge/svg/27-animating-svg-javascript/
but that does sound like a fun challenge - i may try and make something up - ill let you know if i come up with anything
Jacob Fines
I'm struggling with the creative / design aspect of projects. Can anyone help?
I seem to just get stuck feeling like I don't know what to make thats cool
as far as website design?
or just fun projects
Jacob Fines
@moT01 Well, regarding what we do here (web development) - but in general I guess. So, what happens is it makes the most sense ( to me ) to have some kind of front end design to go off of (step 1), then possibly to add use cases to that - eg: "image galery can be navigated using ...: , or, "there is a call to action button and it ... when you click it", and so on. That's step 2, then, last of all, code it up to make it look and perform that way.
I get stuck at step 1
Dunno if I'm good at picking good color combos and eye catching designs ( you know - the awesomess of it)
i hear ya, i suck there too
find a somewhat easy looking website and try to replicate it
find a somewhat easy looking website and try to replicate it
nothing found
Ken Haduch
I guess there are no easy looking websites? :laughing:
i didnt catch that
find a less easy one
find a less easy one
nothing found
Jacob Fines
That makes sense. Doesn't exacly leave me feeling like a hero but I guess it gets the job done.
@camperbot ^
Oh wati ...
did I just try to talk to a bot?
it might help give you an eye for design
and im sure youll pick up a bunch of tricks and skills along the way
oh - this site has a slide show - i guess i gotta figure out how to do that
i did a few from here
you have to sign up and they send emails
Jacob Fines
@moT01 right on. That looks cool
here's the first one
Jacob Fines
@moT01 Thats cool man
Jacob Fines
@moT01 is it working?
That seems like a radical pace to try to do
Oh, I forgot ( until now ) --> there is this: http://www.csszengarden.com/
yea, they get kinda complex to do in a day - not sure you're supposed to replicate them - i think you're supposed to come up with your own similar site - i thought replicating would be better practice for me. If I go back to continuing those I will probly simplify the site - just do a page or two instead of the whole site
Jacob Fines
@moT01 I imagine that once a person does a few sites the pattern is relatively the same. Once the pattern is down then one can focus on the more intricate aspects / tweaking
i suppose it depends on the complexity of the site
there's sort of a generic structure like those two i showed ya on a lot of sites - but they can get pretty complex and different as well
once you do something once - its something you have in your arsenal that you can use again and again
like if i wanted to make that navigation bar on the first site - i could just pretty much copy and paste
Jacob Fines
right on
Roman Cervantes
^ my open source project, interested in feedback / collaborators
  var $result = $div.append($img).append($('<div class="namePlus"></div>').append($p));

    if (isOnline === 'online') {
    return $