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@Bradkittle mmmh no, it'd be <img src="" class = "image1"></img>
the closing tag is not needed, sorry lol
and then, on CSS use the class to put some style as a placeholer to add the image later...
for example
you have that projecto on codepen or anything like that?
anybody know a good way to validate emails using react + material-ui?
Linked the first website I made, but it doesn't want to show up
it looks like you have a placeholder right there for what you want to do
Trying to get the webpage to pop up as an image though
does it run in your machine?
Nope, it doesn't. Just an icon where the webpage should be displayed in the portfolio
@Bradkittle it looks like these kind of things don't work with codepen
@Bradkittle erase the button tag
and add a border to it
that would make it work
@Bradkittle This site give you placeholder images of any size: https://placeholder.com/
If you want an image of your tribute page, go to the tribute page -> Settings -> Screenshot. There's a link to a large or small version
@SweetCodingInc Hey by the way I have been learning react and it says Node.js not yet understands import/ export thing from React. But then isn't Node.js supports ES6? Or import/export ways to bring modules aren't of ES6 rather of React itself?
Hello, does anyone know of obscure Network Operating Systems?
Ken Haduch
@Bradkittle - if you want a site for placeholder images - I saved these links a while ago - maybe one of them will work? https://www.placehold.it/ is a site for that, and an article about it is here: https://www.longren.io/image-placeholders/ - so that might help? http://lorempixel.com/ looks like another site.
Claudio Restifo
@Heathercoraje the standard node syntax is require()and probably will stay there.
There's a support coming up for es6 import in the latest versions of node (i think from v8.x) but i think Babel still transpile it to the good 'ol require.
Hey guys, does anyone know how to draw and animate with JS?
JS is replacing Shockwave and flash animations? :)
Sweet Coding :)
@Heathercoraje You'll need babel-loader to transpile import statements
Dany Din
hey, if iwant to remove decoration from hover what should i write in css?
Hello World! I want to learn programming Can anyone help me?
Can anyone explain the following program
echo "* ";
echo "<br>";
Sweet Coding :)
@danydin text-decoration:none;
abraham anak agung
@Philominsuji what language is that ?
Claudio Restifo
i think it's bash
Sweet Coding :)
php, I guess
Claudio Restifo
oh right, I forgot about it... yeah more likely php :)
Sweet Coding :)
@Philominsuji It will print
* *
* * *
* * * *
* * * * *
yes this is the output
Sweet Coding :)
so what's the problem?
I understood the for loop but I can not understand the nested for loop
Sweet Coding :)
You want to print as many * on one line as the value of $i
so when $i is 1, you print *
when $i is 2, you print * *
yes we use for loop to that right?
Sweet Coding :)
the outer loop tracks value of $i
the inner loop (nested loop) runs from 1 to $i
so that it can print as many *s as $i
when the inner loop is over, you want to move to next line.