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the fbi agent watching you
@SweetCodingInc Thanks for the note about saving a line!
krennical_twitter sends brownie points to @sweetcodinginc :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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the fbi agent watching you
@padunk Thanks, by the way!!
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Matej BoĆĄnjak
@MuhammedKarim if you mean that background with little squares, it's a picture used as a background and repeating
background:url(yourpictureurl) repeat;
Got it, thanks a lot :) @mbosnjak01
muhammedkarim sends brownie points to @mbosnjak01 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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@zzeronerzz That is indeed redundant here. Setting the h2 to red is not needed by this exercise
Hussein Zaki
@all , how to add attribute selected:selected to <option></option> tag on i click and select it from <selected></selected> dropmenu options all of these is inside a table every row have the same <slected> drop menu , I mean i want know when i am in table without adding selected inside the table html when click on option let's say it is cancel it will added selected to it so when i am filter to cancel value i will say only cancel , can anybody help me in this
hi everyone, need help on a exercice, it seems to work when i test but i see any validation from the validation button so they might be errors that i can see. Its the exercice about capitalizing the first letter of each words. Here the code. Any advice ?
function titleCase(str) {

   var sel = str.toLowerCase().split(" ");
   var res = [];

  for ( var i = 0 ; i < sel.length ; i++) {

      res += sel[i][0].toUpperCase()+sel[i].slice(1)+ " ";


   res = res.replace(/\sthe\s/gi, " THE ");
   res = res.replace(/\sof\s/gi, " OF ");

  return res;


titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");
resultt here // " I'm A Little Tea Pot"
How can i make my slideshow images smaller. i tried a couple of methods but nothing seems to be working. https://codepen.io/bestintown23/pen/xYjbxd
the fbi agent watching you
@bestintown23 Put a DIV around the images then add this in CSS: .DIVNAME img {
width: /width of your image/
height: /height of your image/; }
that will change the images' size inside that div
If that's not working there's another element making it off. A trick to try then is adding !important after the width/height (e.g. width: 50% !important) so it cancels those out. changing the background colors of your divs will also help you figure out what is changing what on the page.
Eric Weiss
@PatrickMoumiet what is the problem
@PatrickMoumiet Thats because of " " being added to the string at the end, you can remove that by using .trim() method on res and it should work, also even though your code will work the res should be declared as an empty string rather than an empty array.
Adam Bohannon
Cant anyone help me understand this quirk of flexbox? I have a child div that is responsive, with a max-width of 600px. I'm trying to create a two column layout and have the layout shrink until a specified width then stack. However, when I put display: flex on the container, the responsiveness of my child divs isn't obeyed.
QUick mp4 showing what I mean
gah, gitter makes you DL, lemme see if I can gif
Mar-02-2018 15-32-57.gif
@bestintown23 you need to style your img. Remove the inline styles and attributes
@abohannon its better to see the code working. Put it in codepen
@krennical_twitter dotn use !important it's rarely if ever needed
@ezioda004 thank you ! i validate ^^
patrickmoumiet sends brownie points to @ezioda004 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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@abohannon It's hard to tell why it's giving you that behavior. This is one way to stack columns with flexbox: https://s.codepen.io/anon/pen/QQPEpZ
Adam Bohannon
@gulsvi the styles are all within multiple react components, so it would be a lot of effort to compile all that in a codepen at the moment. But I appreciate your example, that's exactly what I'm looking to do, but for some reason, the child div when it is placed inside a flex container, loses it's responsiveness and it's parent only resizes to the child's max-width property.
Adam Bohannon
I figured it out for anyone who might find it helpful. Had to explicitly set a min-width property on the column container.
Nate Mallison
anyone have experience with images on github pages? I have read that you are supposed to supply the image url with the url to the image file (github/image/whatever), but I have a site that just has it in the project directory and it works fine. Well I have another page with the same structure and the image doesn't load.
Eric Weiss
recheck you have the right directory
Nate Mallison
No, I mean I have a page loading the image with no path specified and it works, but you aren't supposed to be able to do that on github pages. I can't figure out how to do it again
@NJM8 It's hard to help without more details. The image needs to be in a gh-pages branch or a subdirectory of your <username>.github.io repository
Otherwise, you can use rawgit to get a hostable link to the file: https://rawgit.com/
Sometimes, it just takes a while for the image to propagate - in my experience though, never more than 10 minutes or so
Images can't load without a path specified, but happy to take a closer look if you want to point to the repo
Check out the image source for the background in the css
in the random quote generator I have the image src just as the image name, because it's in the same directory, same as normal hosting
but in the thank you page I have to specify the whole url, it wouldn't work with just the name
Nate Mallison
ahhhhhhh myyyyy gooood. On my portfolio page I made the email link a mailto: link until I got an email form working. I keep loading the wrong version of the website and opening mac mail. I should just delete that app
Eric Weiss
i'v done mailing in php
Nate Mallison
I used a mailing service. no php on github pages
super easy, just send a post request to their website with your email address and it sends whatever was in the form to you