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Manan Shah
@krennical_twitter Yeah I was able to figure that out.
the fbi agent watching you
Manan Shah
@krennical_twitter Thanks for the help though.
mananshah51 sends brownie points to @krennical_twitter :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
Stephen James
@mananshah51 :+1:
Manan Shah
@sjames1958gm Thank you so much.
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Stephen James
@mananshah51 No problem
hi my code is returning a quote but it doesn't change it. Upon pressing the button again, it returns the same quote. Could anyone point out where it needs correction please?
@Donnie-D The response is getting cached. You can disable cache in getJSON/Ajax with:
$.ajaxSetup({cache: false})
Or, just add a random number after the callback= in your URL and it will treat it like a different request every time you call the API
Manan Shah

// Setup
function phoneticLookup(val) {
  var result = "";

  // Only change code below this line
  var lookup = {  
   "alpha": "Adams",
   "bravo": "Boston",
   "charlie": "Chicago",
   "delta": "Denver",
   "echo": "Easy", 
   "foxtrot": "Frank"

  // Only change code above this line
  return result;

// Change this value to test
Where am I going wrong ?
Using Objects for Lookup is the Challenge.
hey, I have an issue on codepen (portfolio project) one of my border isn't working when I enable bootstrap 4 (took me long enough to figure it was bootstrap's fault...) is it a known issue ? any way to fix ? I can share codepen link if needed thanks
Manan Shah
@neovks Can you please share the CodePen link ?
sure, so the border in question is the bottom one (the one around twitch) it's supposed to be thick etc but I can't change it as it is (.border in css)
Manan Shah
@neovks you want the border to be thick ?
well I want it to be like in my css part
.border {
border-style: solid;
border-width: 5px;
border-color: black;
border-radius: 5px;
width: 200px;
background-color: white;
margin: auto;
but none of this works except if I disable bootstrap 4
@neovks .border is a reserved utility class in bootstrap. Name your class something else, like .logo-border and it will work.
Ken Haduch
@neovks - you probably just have a conflict with a bootstrap class. Oops - @gulsvi just posted what I was going to say - pick a different name for the class and use that instead! ;)
@KWFE - I can see a problem when the dir="rtl" is added, even with the pages in English - as long as I'm seeing the same things that you are. The radio button circle is colliding with the text, so I'm trying to reconfigure the HTML, it is generated by the javascript code and I kind of have it working, just trying to figure out one other thing that I think should be working but doesn't seem to be.
AHH !! DANG !thanks a lot!
thanks @gulsvi
neovks sends brownie points to @gulsvi :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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thanks @khaduch
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the fbi agent watching you
On the Profile Lookup activity, why do you use return at the end of the for loop? Why can’t you use an else statement at the end of your first if statement instead?
Ken Haduch
@krennical_twitter - the reason is that you do not know if you have found a match in the list until you go all the way through the list, so you want to exit the for loop (which happens when you reach the end of the list.) If you haven't found a name match within the loop, and looked at every entry, then you know that you have no match...
To put it another way, if the first name doesn't match, you cannot just return. You have to look at the second, third, fourth, etc. for however many names are in the list. You can never assume that the next name isn't the one, so you have to look at it.
the fbi agent watching you
@khaduch Thank you!! I've watched a good 4+ videos trying to wrap my head around it and what you said finally made me understand. I wasn't thinking about it in terms of going through the loop each time!
krennical_twitter sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Ken Haduch
@neovks and @krennical_twitter - you're welcome. Happy to help out!
Ken Haduch

@KWFE - I hope that you can get this file and try it - it's not exactly right, but I think that it might help? What I did was to set up the page (the English version) using the global dir="rtol"and in the Chrome browser, I saw on the question modal that the label and the radio buttons were being mashed together, which kind of looks like what you were seeing in the image that you posted. At least that is what I think it was. So i made a copy of the main.js module from that original project and made some modifications to restructure the HTML for the label and radio button - they don't quite line up but they don't overlap now, at least on the English "rtol" site. The one function that I changed - here is the code:

// Get question info from array, prepare
// make a unique string to add to the ID, for testing
let idU = 0;
function getOptions(question) {
  var $buttonDiv = $('<div id="disabled" class="btn-group" data-toggle="buttons"></div>');
  question.options.forEach(function(opt, idx) {
    var $div = $('<div class="radio2">'); // use a non-existent class "radio2" because "radio" was giving bad styling
    let id = `quest${idx}_${idU}`;
    var $label = $(`<label class="radio-inline" for="${id}">${opt}</label>`);
    var $input = $(`<input type="radio" name="opts" value="${opt}" id="${id}">`);
  return $buttonDiv;

Maybe you could try that in the copy of the site that you are working on? Just replace that function with the text from above. Although I copied the whole file onto pastebin, but I'm not sure if you can get to it? Here is the link: pastebin copy of main.js. But I think that that function is the only thing that I changed, and added that one variable idU to try and see if I could get the label element for attribute to work, but for some reason that isn't working. I don't understand that, but the main thing is to see if you see any better result using that function with the reconfigured HTML code. I hope that it helps?

evening fCC
@DarrenfJ :wave:
thanks @DarrenfJ for the answers yesterday :D
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@coderNewby ah no worries brutha..
Ali Abbas
Hi guys can someone help me regarding to twitch TV challenge
Razvan Jackson
Hello Guys!