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Markus Kiili
@JohnnyBizzel If you are for example building a web page that sells something, it must work on grandma's old browser too. So no grid and no ES6.
That is why we have tools like Babel etc.
lmao grandma's old browser
Anyway, Bootstrap is good for learning layout.
My grandma's aren't alive so I'm not bothered.
I'm here to learn the new stuff!
@MuhammedKarim thank you!
edy1988 sends brownie points to @muhammedkarim :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 145 | @muhammedkarim |http://www.freecodecamp.org/muhammedkarim
Inga Vaiciakauskaite
Can anyone help me with a regex? I've been working on it for two hours and still can't figure it out. So I need to validate a username and the rules for it are the following: it must have at least one letter and can be numbers but no symbols except “_”. So I've come up with a regex that looks like this: ^\w+[a-zA-Z+]$ but for some reason a username 9ddd_ would not pass. Anyone has more experience with regex?
Long Nguyen
@ingava have you tried this:
Stephen James
@ingava Your regex does not allow an underscore as the final character
Inga Vaiciakauskaite
@longnt80 but your regex allows username like this: s9_x_.
Stephen James
@ingava BTW, the + would need to be outside the [] to have its normal effect
Inga Vaiciakauskaite
@sjames1958gm oh really, what does it do now then?
Stephen James
@ingava Add in the ^ $ to his
@ingava It allows letters or +
@ingava I believe - beginning to doubt myself :)
Inga Vaiciakauskaite
hm, ok, @sjames1958gm and @longnt80 I've combined your suggestions and it looks like it works! This is the final result of the regex: ^\w*[a-zA-Z]\w*$ It looks like I don't need to have the + now
Stephen James
Inga Vaiciakauskaite
@sjames1958gm @longnt80 thanks a lot!
:cookie: 681 | @longnt80 |http://www.freecodecamp.org/longnt80
ingava sends brownie points to @sjames1958gm and @longnt80 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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@Edy1988 :+1:
Nate Mallison
hey can someone help me with my wikipedia viewer? If you click on the tabs I want to boxes to all be at the top. I'm sure I'm blanking on something simple to do that. https://www.natethedev.com/FreeCodeCampFrontEndProjects/wikipediaViewer/
I know this can be done with flex box to make a carousel, if I can't get this to work I'll do that but I don't want to rewrite it all
@NJM8 try to remove the height property from the divs (height: 200px). no, that's not it, keep looking
can someone help me?
im trying to get those links at the bottom to move to the center
Dardan Demiri
Dardan Demiri
Try adding to the ul class :smile:
ok thanks ill try @dardandemiri
frosty427 sends brownie points to @dardandemiri :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 429 | @dardandemiri |http://www.freecodecamp.org/dardandemiri
Dardan Demiri
Anyone here good at regex?
Dardan Demiri
@cresharper We will try
how can we help you ?
Nevermind, I figured it out but thanks!
Hello all, the prodigal son returns
Ken Haduch
@latimercaleb welcome back!
I left off with the random quote machine project. So I'll be building that out since I'm in between tickets at work. How is everyone else doing?
Daniel Watson
Going through my Blackjack Card Counting function. I've gone through a switch statement, and now need to create an if statement to decide what to do with the results of the switch
@coderNewby hey got your PM sorry.. was off sick the last day or so.. looks good though.. go check it out
@DarrenfJ thanks! no worries.. I'm busy in the middle of the bootstrap...thanks again for the help