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Ravi Kishore Thella
So, you don't want checked exmaples to display when you click target right?
No no no, these are two separate systems, I am playing with both to see which one will provide me with the most optimal solution.
@DarkxPunk For example, I have a select group1 with some options i'd like that when selecting one option from group1 automatically select a value in a select group2
thanks @DarrenfJ
codernewby sends brownie points to @darrenfj :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 2423 | @darrenfj |http://www.freecodecamp.org/darrenfj
@jhonasr Well that would need to be done with some JS, these check boxes?
@jhonasr Do you have your sample code somewhere?
Ravi Kishore Thella
@DarkxPunk I would go with the target. It makes sense cause, the information won't be displayed unless the user clicks something.
@ravikishorethella Well :target is the one I am leaning on since it seems most optimal, especially since I can link to the data from anywhere on the page, however the first issue I ran into with :target was how do I display the first info when the page loads without having to :target it...
@ravikishorethella With :checked it is easy, in the HTML I just set the first one to checked, and that status changes when people click on the different labels, but not so easy with :target.
@ravikishorethella I wanted to even try a hybrid solution, problem is you can't trigger labels and anchors at the same time XD
Ravi Kishore Thella
@DarkxPunk you don't have to display any information. Let it be. You can load the information when someone request for it. The first option(checked) is pretty naive
In this case I do need to display the info by default, the design I was given for this requires the first item to be displayed at all times. (I am coding the design a company has given to me)
Ravi Kishore Thella
okay. There you go. It's a requirement :smile:
Exacly so how do I do this while sticking with :target, that is problem one XD
Ravi Kishore Thella
lets try to make it work
Now at one point I did make it work, but I had to target each individual id, which obviously was not optimal. Bascially a if #b:targeted ~ #a { not visible } and I had to do it three additional times while saying #a { visible } by default.
But if I have to create a new rule every time I add a new data div then it is a nightmare.
Oh I forgot to also add, I had to also make the targets spans stacked above the data so that I could cascade down and style the actual data xD
It was conveluded as ever XD
But it worked
Now that I think about it, I may have another idea… Hmmm...
Ravi Kishore Thella
var tags = $$('a')[0]; console.log(tags);
you can use this and display this (1st box target information ) whenever the page loads
Not following...
I updated the pen to get the first to display… now how to make it not display when not targeted XD
Oh la la
I made it work :O
I flipped the order of the data and did this:

content-container-2 > div:last-child:not(:target) {

display: block;


content-container-2 > div:target ~ div:last-child {

display: none;


Next issue… How the hell do I now style the buttons when one is selected XD
CSS needs a way to target previous siblings or parants or previous parents children XD
Make stuff like this 100x easier
Anyway it is getting really late for me and one break through really tired me out yawn
@ravikishorethella If you keep looking this over and finding pure css solutions I will love you long time
But for now I am going to bed and will check in, in the morning.
Ravi Kishore Thella

I am looking for some better solution :smile:

I made it work :O

Hi all, I am doing the Build a Tribute Page challenge on FreeCodeCamp. I wrote my code as instructed on CodePen and as I had a few HTML and CSS classes before, I added my own design to my project. As I wanted to preview the website on other Browsers like Firefox or Edge (I built the website on Chrome on which I had no problems) I realized that some of the CSS was ignored. Margins and Paddings had disappeared and the picture on my top left corner wasn't there anymore. This also happens if I copy the code to Brackets or Atom and preview the website there. I would be really happy if someone could help me! I have included my CodePen link at the end of this message. I am rather new to coding so please don't judge my code.
CodePen: https://codepen.io/Oliver_J/pen/PRPYoz
GitHub: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/4df27823c6d406c9d031e2994cbdd8ce
abraham anak agung
@OliverOsmoSamuel you can't put your code in imgur, i think they don't want to be source of content. put it somewhere else. and you have a typo on line 63 in your html, em> since i dont have firefox, can't help you much than that.
oh okay thank you! I am new here so i didn't know it wasn't allowed.
abraham anak agung
@OliverOsmoSamuel some friends recommend this site to store your photo http://postimages.org/
i saw it on edge, it has problem with <section> idk what is the problem, mayb BS4 and edge
okay, thank you very much!
Joshua Frias
guys help
can somebody tell me why my values are switching places?
Free code camp should be offline and ESL_SC2 should be online
but sometimes it switches places or switches status
what's wrong?