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ldocherty1 sends brownie points to @njm8 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 373 | @njm8 |http://www.freecodecamp.org/njm8
Nate Mallison
@ldocherty1 Also check out the bootstrap navbar page, there should be something in there to make it move to the right not the left
Liam Docherty
i can help you fix it instantly
just set it up on codepen
Liam Docherty
ok give me a few mins please
Anyone else need help
im not here long.
Raghav Mundra
I want my green circle to fit on the other end of the screen. I have tried changing the code but it isn't working, can someone please help?
Nate Mallison
yeah, lol, why does my website show a double scroll bar if you make it narrow
how far over Raghav?
one sec nate
ok i guess he's afk
ill help you then
Where do you see the double scrollbar nate?
Raghav Mundra
@kerafyrm02 At the other end, leaving a little gap.
Nate Mallison
@kerafyrm02 when you make the page less than 500px wide or so, just keep making it narrower it'll pop up
I think some element is forcing itself to be larger than the viewport height, but IDK which one
or how, they are all either flexable to allow it to be long or set to 100vh
How come you're using ctx for circles Raghav?
I dont see the scrolllbar nate- are you using chrome?
@Raghav17 You're missing a closing </canvas> tag in the html and you have a mistake in the js: var cg = document.getElementById("red"); You want to get the element with the id of green.
Nate Mallison
wtf, the layout is all screwed up in chrome, maybe I need to clear my cache
Is my name top left on your screen?
there's lots of css issues-
fixed-action-btn {
    position: fixed;
    right: 23px;
    /* bottom: 23px; */
    padding-top: 15px;
    margin-bottom: 0;
    z-index: 997;
comment that bottom out
There's lots of unused css commands
im off to work ppl l8r
Nate Mallison
hmmm. I'm not using that anymore
yeah that's from materializecss. the framework I'm using
Nate Mallison
seems to only be less than 600 px on firefox and only between 400 px and 600px on chrome. which I have a rule for

@NJM8 The problem seems to be right there on line 1 of your css. This rule:

html, body {
    max-width: 100%;
    overflow-x: hidden;

That overflow-x: hidden on the html seems to be causing the problem

Sorin Ruse
@Raghav17 what about thinking you need a parent container having same width and height then 4 children divs each with 1/2 width and height of the parent. then starting from top left child going clockwise you just apply some border radius to make exterior borders like a circle?
Nate Mallison
@toianw I found that my picture sizing for the bottom picture was too big at the smallest size. How does hiding the X overflow cause the vertical viewport scroll? I deleted that line and it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me anyways. I think I was having a horizontal scroll problem earlier and fixed it
I see removing that on the live version works!
Maybe now I can keep my larger picture at the smallest size, as it isn't centered which I don't like
Peter N

Hey chat, I'm trying to make one of my grid columns align right and the other align left so that everything will be neatly centered. How do I go about this? Here is my CSS for the grid

.form-grid {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 40% 40%;
justify-content: center;
grid-row-gap: 1em;

can anyone help me with a custom project? trying to create a web app that converts cel to fahr, like the first JS algorithm
not working so far
Tiago Correia
@Neralizer give a look on your console
I htink you forgot to import jquery