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@EgnaroDev I did some ES6/React/Redux stuff and it seems mostly stable than before
Oh, thanks. Good to know that it is stable and since it is called "beta" I'm assuming it is not completed yet
I'll do some of the lessons to review since I have completed many lessons on fCC already
@ezioda004 thanks
egnarodev sends brownie points to @ezioda004 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 519 | @ezioda004 |http://www.freecodecamp.org/ezioda004
hello. I was wondering why there's this empty white space that precedes the li elements in my ul even though I set the margin on the li elements to 0: https://jsfiddle.net/6q41f9h2/
@zebralight let me check it out
Yea you got 40px margin left of the button for some reason, let me look deeper...
not margin, padding sorry
Alright i got it
its because your doing this on an ul element, which is an unordered list element. Which comes with the "dot" for each element right?
Well to make room for the dot the ul tag adds 40px padding to the left. So even tho you removed the dots, the padding remains
ah, should I not use ul and li in this manner, when I have a flex container and flex items?
setting padding on ul fixed it though.
thanks, @bradtaniguchi . also, I was wondering how you knew how many px the indentation was
zebralight sends brownie points to @bradtaniguchi :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 440 | @bradtaniguchi |http://www.freecodecamp.org/bradtaniguchi
@zebralight I inspected the element using my browsers dev tools, you can see the computed amounts usually, and it showed 40px
Now technically you can use div, but the correct approach would be using some accessibility tags (like your already using nav right?) since I assume this will be used for navigation
yeah. the pattern I generally use for navs is nav -> ul -> li . It's kind of puzzling how this has never come up before for me
since I use that pattern quite often
the indentation issue, that is
Yea idk how come you didn't notice it before
@DarrenfJ thanks for all your help
codernewby sends brownie points to @darrenfj :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 2444 | @darrenfj |http://www.freecodecamp.org/darrenfj
why is it that when i add display: flex; to this it decides to shoot to the top
its my footer
I am trying to use url.startsWith('http') in Angular template but it is throwing can't read property startwith of undefined, but I am getting URL on the screen.
Dimitris Nik.
Hey guys I have my quote inside my main div and I want it to go beyond the main div which is an image. How could I do that? As margin-top is moving it in accordance to the top of the page https://codepen.io/dimitris51/pen/GxOVbX
I'm having a hard time understanding how to use the Moodle API
Ken Haduch
@Refath - what’s a moodle API, link to documentation? Where are you trying to use it?
Marco Galizzi
hello every one, i have a problem in the simon game. if use the mp3 the site offers, they don't work.. i used some alternatives ones that are longer but really awkward. So after i fixed some things i tried the freecodecamp one and still nothing.. anyone know why?
Stephen James
@Tezenn I used the FCC ones - like: https://s3.amazonaws.com/freecodecamp/simonSound1.mp3
Marco Galizzi
@sjames1958gm hey if i use them the don't really work.. it is because of the code i guess, but they sound once and then if they have to play again they don't
Stephen James
I guess it depends on how you are trying to play them? one after the other
Ken Haduch
@Tezenn - I recall seeing a short while ago that there was some problem with the sounds repeating if you use an MP3? I don't know if anyone else will recall a change in this regard. I made a test pen here that does use those sounds and loops through them a couple times, but it sounds choppy. It looks like the example project is using the AudioContext object - documentation here - it might be worth investigating that? Although from the chart that they post it seems that support is somewhat limited? Well, maybe it's mostly Internet Explorer that doesn't support it... but have a look at that and see...
Marco Galizzi
ok i will link a codepen so you can see.. sorry the code is a mess. but when i used longer sounds they worked really well.
they were like a 2 seconds sound and they worked really well, but were not nice sounds, just dog barking and stuff like that but they worked. with the fcc ones nada..
Raghav Mundra
Why is bootstrap "row" class not working with divs? Please help!
Marco Galizzi
and this is the same code but others sound and they work fine
Ken Haduch
@Raghav17 - it looks like it's sort-of working... but you are adding extra things like the margin-left: 40% that are probably throwing off the normal operation. It might be that you want to use something other than the bootstrap grid for this application?
@Raghav17 - and you are overriding the width: 50%; that is set up for the col-xs-6 with the settings for your green and yellow classes. Try making another div within the column div and using that for the circles.

@Raghav17 - make your HTML for the middle row look like this:

    <div class="row mid-row">
      <div class="col-xs-6"><div class="green"></div></div>
      <div class="col-xs-6"><div class="yellow"></div></div>

In other words, and then you get a little better behavior of the grid, you might be able to play with the alignment then.

You have to look at the interactions between the elements and styles that you are trying to define and use and how it interacts with the Bootstrap settings (and expected uses of the Bootstrap classes.)
Moisés Man
console.log(greenSound.error); after play.. @Tezenn
as u said.. ur sound files are corrupted