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i need to do more learning on async
omg this package karma-jasmine-html-reporteris messed up I think :/
@Marmiz works like a charm :), ty
joeeeezy_twitter sends brownie points to @marmiz :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
Claudio Restifo

@JoEeeezy_twitter it's pretty easy to use async/await as well since you write your code in a synchronous style:

async myGetDataFunction() {
  const data = await myMethodToObtainData();

   // keep on writing like if it were a sync function
   const newData = normalize(data);
   return aMethodWtih(newData)

Anyway if you never used it, defeinitely get confortable with promises bf using async/await

@JoEeeezy_twitter don't forget to catch any errors! :+1:
@DarrenfJ thanks for PM, checked.. great tip
codernewby sends brownie points to @darrenfj :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Rahsheen Porter
Watch out with async/await. You need to use try/catch or you're screwed if any errors happen.
Does anyone know how the npm command view works? Like npm view gulp? Cuse I used it and it said one version, but I manually checked the package's package.json and it said something else
Alexandro Pequeno
Hi guys, anyone good with JS?
@Argestis I was about to get off but I might be able to help, whats up?
Alexandro Pequeno
@brad what this would do? $(".counter .something ").data("example"); where .counter is the parent div of .something
from what div would jquery get data "example"?
@bradtaniguchi whoops i called the wrong brad xD
@Argestis All is good, this is more of a Jquery question that JS, but regardless. The double class selector works the same as CSS selectors, so if you have 2 child div with class something, then it would return both
I gotta hit the hay, need to wake up early and its super late XD, if you have any more questions you can always mention me and Ill reply tomorrrow, otherwise someone else might help ya out :)
Alexandro Pequeno
@bradtaniguchi thanks, man! have a good one.
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hey guys
I was wondering how you could place buttons right below images in css
here is the link to my pen
Just wrap the items in a container div, and have the button element after the image
if it sets next to it, just use display: block, or clear: both
@zootechdrum looks like you set the button styling as clear: "left" when it should just be something like clear: left
Dennis Magnusson
Hey guys, I'm working on the freeCodeCamp weather app. Having some issues getting the latitude and longitude with the navigator object. It takes sooo long. I set up a timer in the app and it takes more than a minute to get the coordinates. Was wondering if you guys get the same if you try it? Link to it: https://codepen.io/dennismagnusson/pen/EEOaZy?editors=0010
@magnden 59.1s
then 37.96s
Dennis Magnusson
I can't figure out why it takes so long... should be pretty quick, right? I need help if someone can help
thanks @Syncthetic
magnden sends brownie points to @syncthetic :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 297 | @syncthetic |http://www.freecodecamp.org/syncthetic
@magnden I think those results are out by a factor of ten. Divide ms by 1000 (not 100) to get seconds
Dennis Magnusson
Thats right. Thanks @toianw!
magnden sends brownie points to @toianw :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Corey Pennington
Guys newbie question: what's the difference between a function and a method?
Markus Kiili
@JuiceyDuecy If a function is an object property value, it is called a method.
Corey Pennington
@Masd925 thanks... I think that makes sense... I'm using react and didn't quite understand some of the errors I was getting
juiceyduecy sends brownie points to @masd925 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Corey Pennington
Federico Dente
Hello guys i need help with javascript
Stephen James
@fez994 Ask away.
Federico Dente
https://codepen.io/fez994/pen/bvQrvZ I would like to get the value of the selcted item of the dropdown menu, but instead i keep getting an empty string, how can i fix this?