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If I run the program in the terminal I get [Function]
I would think I would get the contants of the file?
(the contents is not [Function]
Nate Mallison
do you mean to console.log(a);
Christopher McCormack
invoke your methods
Same thing. Only it gives [Function: toString]
Christopher McCormack
@studentzero if you see that again it's because you're assigning/logging the reference to a function
if toString were a String value then you would get the actual string
A yes
now i get this
function (path, options) {
  options = getOptions(options, { flag: 'r' });
  var isUserFd = isFd(path); // file descriptor ownership
  var fd = isUserFd ? path : fs.openSync(path, options.flag || 'r', 0o666);

  tryStatSync(fd, isUserFd);
  // Use stats array directly to avoid creating an fs.Stats instance just for
  // our internal use.
  var size;
  if ((statValues[1/*mode*/] & S_IFMT) === S_IFREG)
    size = statValues[8/*size*/];
    size = 0;
  var pos = 0;
  var buffer; // single buffer with file data
  var buffers; // list for when size is unknown

  if (size === 0) {
    buffers = [];
  } else {
    buffer = tryCreateBuffer(size, fd, isUserFd);

  var bytesRead;

  if (size !== 0) {
    do {
      bytesRead = tryReadSync(fd, isUserFd, buffer, pos, size - pos);
      pos += bytesRead;
    } while (bytesRead !== 0 && pos < size);
  } else {
    do {
      // the kernel lies about many files.
      // Go ahead and try to read some bytes.
      buffer = Buffer.allocUnsafe(8192);
      bytesRead = tryReadSync(fd, isUserFd, buffer, 0, 8192);
      if (bytesRead !== 0) {
        buffers.push(buffer.slice(0, bytesRead));
      pos += bytesRead;
    } while (bytesRead !== 0);

  if (!isUserFd)

  if (size === 0) {
    // data was collected into the buffers list.
    buffer = Buffer.concat(buffers, pos);
  } else if (pos < size) {
    buffer = buffer.slice(0, pos);

  if (options.encoding) buffer = buffer.toString(options.encoding);
  return buffer;
I don't get what this is. The text file only has 2 lines of tekst.
Christopher McCormack
That's your output when you log buf.toString()?
if you're still using your code above, you should notice that you aren't actually reading the file at all
buf = fs.readFileSync;
What do you expect buf to be here?
:point_up: April 7, 2018 9:38 AM @sjames1958gm was giving you a partial solution but the implementation was incorrect
The file is
io test operations
foobar mathafuckah
I have this code
var fs = require('fs');
var buf = fs.readFileSync;
Moisés Man
so.... readFileSync method returns the content of whatever it readed
I think so.
Reads into the buffer?
Christopher McCormack
@studentzero hint - fs.readFileSync('/home/futurebug/nodeschool/learnyounode/io.txt'); this line does nothing
well, nothing you can use
I would think it reads the file io.txt?
This is in the turorial (nodeschool)
  All synchronous (or blocking) filesystem methods in the fs module end with  
  'Sync'. To read a file, you'll need to use  
  fs.readFileSync('/path/to/file'). This method will return a Buffer object  
  containing the complete contents of the file.
Moisés Man
should be more like...
var buf =fs.readFileSync('/home etc etc.........')
Yeah that works
Christopher McCormack
@studentzero it returns a buffer object but you have to store it :)
And buf isn't really anything.
Just a variable.
Stephen James
@studentzero Sorry that I mislead with my post
No worries dude!
Christopher McCormack
@studentzero in your previous (not working) code buf was a reference to the function fs.readFileSync. You could actually invoke buf by doing something like
Hey folks. Wondering why my for loop correctly updates each element's class but does not correctly place the [users][i] associated with the currently loop/GET call
Christopher McCormack
@tertiaryidentifier try replacing the var with let or instead using a clojure
@tertiaryidentifier Thats because of closure and async nature of $.getJSON() when you use for loop i is not encapsulated and thats why you get only the last element request and appened to your html
As @cmccormack said use let and also assign user = users[i]; inside $.getJSON() callback function.
where should I replace var with let?
Christopher McCormack
in your for loop initialization and anywhere you're using i in the loop basically
In for loop let i = 0 well you didnt have var in the first place
it worked, thanks all!
Christopher McCormack
glad it's working!
Ken Haduch
@NJM8 - I like the tic-tac-toe - smoooth operation and it looks good. They removed the requirement for the "unbeatable" option? I haven't tried it yet,other than experiment with the styling a little. I'd put the unbeatable option on the "todo" list for a later time... :)
hey guys into css question here i want my image to have the button on the bottom
I would like the button to be centered on the bottom in relation to the image above
I kinda made it word but when the window resizes it goes all sort of crazt
I does not stay in place