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i need help her please...

pre.innerHTML += "<div class='row listing'><div class='col-sm-3 logo'><img class = 'img-responsive src=' " + data.logo +  " '></div>" + "<div class='row text'>
            <div class='col-sm-12 name'><p><a href=" ' + data.url + ' " target = "_blank">  + data.display_name + "</a></p></div><div class='row status'>
            <div class='col-sm-12 worx'><p class='neon'>ON-AIR</p></div>

i want to turn these html element into strings

hi guys, i need help rendering a fresh call to an API housed in another component onClick. Can i get help, please?
okay okay, what about a guide on how to change state to trigger an api call in reactjs? Help? Anybody?
Michael Grienauer
https://mgrienauer.github.io/twitch_streamers/ what do you guys think of my twitch streamers project? any feedback is welcome...i know in chrome the search button isnt color filling properly but cant figure out why
@mgrienauer very interesting project
@mgrienauer To fix the search button, you can remove height: 100% from .btn and add
.btn {
   align-self: stretch;
Michael Grienauer
@ezioda004 ok, that worked. Awesome haha ive been trying to figure that out for a while. thanks!
mgrienauer sends brownie points to @ezioda004 :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Su yang
new world ~
Hello can someone help me out?
i want my menu to float to the right, but it doesent work
Ken Haduch
@mgrienauer - your twitch streamer project is nice! I don't know why it wasn't obvious to me at first who was online or offline at first glance. After selecting them via the buttons then I saw it. It might be because most of the screen was occupied by offline (all the same color) users. One thing that would be a nice touch is if you could just add the functionality to have the "Enter" key trigger the search.
I just tried one random string in the search box and it found nothing and returned no indication, although in the devtools console there was a 404 error displayed. It would be good to handle that error and display a status in some way? All-in-all it's a nice implementation of that project!
Can someone help me with something in wordpress?
@chompoo500ml OMG thank you so much for your kind advice! it was so helpful! Now I will keep working on my project! thank you again!
amasian sends brownie points to @chompoo500ml :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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@zippkidd yeah when I examine some CORS articles, I studied that concept too! but I did not consider it because they said it is not a complete tool. but I think I need to be more flexible occasionally lol thank you for your advice and reply!
amasian sends brownie points to @zippkidd :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
@Amasian yvw!
Michael Grienauer
@khaduch thanks ken. yea i tried working in a sort algorithm to show the online players first but it was getting messy so i decided it was necessary lol. ill try to add something to handle those errors and maybe highlight the search box as red if the player isnt found
mgrienauer sends brownie points to @khaduch :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Thomas Tylek
@mgrienauer , very nice project. You've inspired me for my own twitch streamer app
Michael Grienauer
@zippkidd thats awesome, thanks for the praise! good luck on your project!
mgrienauer sends brownie points to @zippkidd :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
api offline
Hey guys/gals. Can I get a clue as to how to call something onto my page?
hr.style-seven { overflow: visible; /* For IE */ height: 30px; border-style: solid; border-color: black; border-width: 1px 0 0 0; border-radius: 20px; } hr.style-seven:before { /* Not really supposed to work, but does */ display: block; content: ""; height: 30px; margin-top: -31px; border-style: solid; border-color: black; border-width: 0 0 1px 0; border-radius: 20px; }
hr.style-seven { overflow: visible; /* For IE */ 
height: 30px; 
border-style: solid; 
border-color: black; 
border-width: 1px 0 0 0;
 border-radius: 20px; } 
hr.style-seven:before { /* Not really supposed to work, but does */ 
display: block; 
content: "";
 height: 30px; 
margin-top: -31px; 
border-style: solid;
 border-color: black;
 border-width: 0 0 1px 0;
 border-radius: 20px; }
I mostly understand what's being done here, but how do call that to be my <hr/> ?
can i get perf optimisation tips for my react sample app?
Aint no one here
gonna go play with VirtualBox
is it just me or did the main fcc chat room disapear?


  • I am new to js.
  • I am trying to iterate json structure.
  • when I see isDefault: true, I need to show as a default name.
  • I tried but right now I am getting an error .
  • can you tell me how to fix it.
  • providing my relevant code below.
  • code is very big so I am pasting in gist

TypeError: sportsRecord.find is not a function
at birdLionUpdate.setTigers (bird-Lion-update.ts:981)
at SafeSubscriber.eval [as _next] (bird-Lion-update.ts:367)

setTigers(sportsRecord: any) {

    let that = this;
    let tempObj = {};
    //tempObj['TigerNo'] = 237;
    //tempObj['Lion'] = getDefault(playermoons).Lion

   // tempObj['TigerNo'] = this.getDefault(sportsRecord).TigerNo;
    let defauktTigerNOsportsRecord =  sportsRecord.find((elem) => { return elem.isDefault; });

    tempObj['TigerNo'] = sportsRecord.playerTigers[0].TigerNo;
    tempObj['TigerName'] = 'Nail Sports Bay Area';
    // tempObj['TigerNo'] = sportsRecord.selectedTigerNo;
    // tempObj['TigerName'] = sportsRecord.selectedTigerName;
    this.TigerTempArray = [];
    let TigerssportsRecord = sportsRecord.playerTigers;
    let TigerssportsRecordList = this.TigerTempArray;
    let selectedTiger = TigerssportsRecord.find(elem => elem.TigerNo == 237);
    this.playerLionUpdateVal.TigerNo = 237;
    // let selectedTiger = TigerssportsRecord.find(elem => elem.TigerNo == sportsRecord.selectedTigerNo);
    // this.LionCreateVal.TigerNo = sportsRecord.selectedTigerNo;
    this.selectedTigerArr = selectedTiger;
    this.TigerCarousel.setTigersportsRecord(TigerssportsRecord, TigerssportsRecordList, 237);
    //this.TigerCarousel.setTigersportsRecord(TigerssportsRecord, TigerssportsRecordList, sportsRecord.selectedTigerNo);
    $("#TigerCarouselLabel .TigerHint").css("display", "none");
    setTimeout(function () {
        $("#unSelectedTigersLogoBox1 .currentNwLogo").bind("click", function (e) {
            that.singleSelection(sportsRecord, e);
    }, 100);
Hello guys !
is there a software engineer here ?
Ken Haduch
@br3ntor - hello, I just saw your note. They did disband the main freeCodeCamp chatroom. I don't know if I've seen a reason, maybe it was just not too productive in terms of discussion of programming problems? It did seem to be a popular room, but oftentimes it did seem to be fast and free-flowing conversations about a wide variety of topics, not strictly related to the freeCodeCamp lessons, challenges or projects.
@DerMann97 - there aren't too many people around at the moment, it seems. You can post your question and details, someone (maybe I could help?) will come along and follow up.
@DerMann97 does it need to be a software engineer haha?
Hello @bradtaniguchi
Yea no need to be a software engineer i guess :p
I need to answer to many questions and i m not sure about 2 of them
1) what s the difference between modeling and programming
2) Why does change happen in software development? Provide examples from your
own experience and discuss them in the 3 areas of requirements changes,
technology changes and organization change.
@DerMann97 Hey sorry for being slow ( was eating), I have the title of "Software Engineer" but idk if my answers would be 100% correct. These seem like Homework-type questions, where the "right" answer is probably somewhere in the coursework, but I'll try my best.
  1. Modeling is generally the step performed before programming anything. I usually say there's a few steps to programing something. Usually the first step is to understand what the use-case/problem is, and the next step is to boil it down to what actually matters. Where you boil it down can be considered were you model your problem down to its bare parts.
  2. Change happens for a number of reasons (I really would look into your coursework if this is a HW problem, there has to be better examples in there).
  3. A requirement change is pretty simple, say your software supports only English users, but your company off-shored the division to China (just as an example) and now the software needs to also be available in Mandarin.
  4. A technology change usually is related to the environment, or dependencies. Say you application doesn't work on the newest release of Chrome, as you used a depreciated API in an earlier release.
  5. An organizational change is usually a lot more specific to the company, taking a previous example where the division was off-shored, this also means dealing with new people, management, and possibly company structure. What if all the "users" allowed in the app now are split between two different "user-directories"? (Just 2 different lists of users) how would your application load a list of user's available within the system from 2 different lists?
    Hopefully that helps and isn't totally off the mark. I really do recommend researching more if this is a HW problem, since my answers can be totally off-base from what would be considered "correct". Goodluck :D
im having issues with my webpage, all my html files have the correct height, but my portfolio page is glitchy.. help please https://codepen.io/GRIMROOT/project/editor/DNKmKk