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Santiago Fernandez
but it does help me handle an event on the browser in multiple places, by using a() and keeping each eventhandler short
I usually don't nest functions, unless there's some sort of OOP going on
were talking about vanillajs right? Opens up alot of ideas on style
Santiago Fernandez
constraint is use no libraries, no frameworks, just vanilla
Yea, id still stick with the no nested function thing (besides an Iffe)
Santiago Fernandez
so just repeat the code?
i am wrapping all those methods (b,c,d) inside another method basically, that is my approach, to avoid repeating like a madman and spanning 150 more lines of code
what? whats wrong with:
function a() {
  addEventListener.on('click', b);
function b() {}
function c() {}
function d() {}
Unless your using the same functions, (b,c,d) on different elements or something I'm missing
Santiago Fernandez
yea i am
i have click handlers for left arrow, right arrow, and then a nav with different positions
Ah, I guess the naming of b,c,d isn't the best :P
Santiago Fernandez
In that case i think its ok. Id probably keep the functions out of the main function just to then you can use them seperatly in special cases.
Santiago Fernandez
 currentPosition += 1;
doStuffWithPosition() #this is where all the other handlers are

 currentPosition -=1;
doStuffWithPosition() #same handlers

 currentPosition = e.target.dataattribute;
doStuffWithPosition() #again same handlers

oh wow that pseudocode.
i felt that's cleaner than just one function with a switch or if/else inside... handling left, right and passing position.
as handleRightClick or handleLeftClick also let me use arrow keys and i just debounce those, withouth extending their bodies with more logic.
I guess it depends on the use-case haha
Santiago Fernandez
thanks @bradtaniguchi
sf-jd sends brownie points to @bradtaniguchi :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 468 | @bradtaniguchi |http://www.freecodecamp.org/bradtaniguchi
@sf-jd np and goodluck, I think you should be fine :D
Santiago Fernandez
fingers crossed
Jesse Ross-Huffman
So I'm stuck on the beginner's front-end project, I just feel scared of being on my own. I need inspiration.
Thomas Tylek
@jecmstudios what do you have to do for that project?
Is the example codepen given not enough inspiration? Lol
@jecmstudios break the project down into steps. Develope an algorithm/recipe for how you will get from blank page to final result before evening writing any code. Its like building a house, you get your ideal design and you change things as you go. This helps you to avoid freestyle coding which can lead to frustration.
Cesar Gomez
@jecmstudios plan plan plan.
@ehutchllew no i got it it was just returning a promise
Lallo Vigil
@jecmstudios I can help! Let me know with what
I mocked up the react recipe project. Please let me know some hints on how I will save the items in state and pass them using props: https://codepen.io/lalov1/pen/97756811476267a589a730dc15f881a1?editors=0010
Claudio Restifo

@lalov1 you just make your child component "dumb", in the sense that both the data and the method to change that date comes from the parent, the child only purpose is to render the latter:

An example would be:

const child = ({value, onChange}) => (<div onClick={() => onChange()}>{value}</div>)

class Parent [...] {
 state={value: 1}
 onChange = () => this.setState({value: this.state.value +1})

 render() {
  return (<Child value={this.state.value} onChange={this.onChange} />)

hope it helps :+1:

Jesse Ross-Huffman
Thank you guys all of you helped. I just have always frozen up when I feel left on my own.
any one who know latex?
@DarrenfJ thanks for the pm
codernewby sends brownie points to @darrenfj :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:star2: 2472 | @darrenfj |http://www.freecodecamp.org/darrenfj
shameem fairooz
Guys, I've completed the Electronic Calculator Project! Any suggestions ?
Markus Kiili
@sfshameem5 Do you have a link for the working calculator?
shameem fairooz
The github pages link
Markus Kiili
Roman Struna
@sfshameem5 it's awesome that you played around with cursor color and shape, but the cursor is almost impossible to see on the equals button, just a thought
shameem fairooz
@RomchyFCC Would have to change that.
Markus Kiili
@sfshameem5 I think that the calculator needs to have decimal numbers too.