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Max Kazionov
how long does it take for github-pages to show the current codebase?
@1532j0004kg thanks man
Daniel Simeonov
guys what do you think about pug ? Is something that I need to learn/ or just to know the basics
Stephen James
@dbsimeonov I don't know how widespread its use is, but maybe a cursory understanding is all that is needed
react / angular / vuejs should be higher on the list of items to learn
How to read a word(.docx) file in angular or JavaScript
Markus Kiili
@tptynlr I think that there are libraries for handling word files in JS.
Daniel Simeonov
@sjames1958gm Thanks
Luc Martin
Or maybe you could first convert those docx files to a simpler format, according to what you need to extract from the files (you probably do not need every feature the docx format supports), then a smaller js library would be enough to process that simpler format
@markclynch Yes, that's correct. background is a shorthand property. It allows you to set the background color, image, position, size, repeat, origin, clip, and attachment settings all in one line.
background-image, on the other hand, is only for the image, not any other background settings
which is the best course to learn nodejs from scratch
i am new to javascript
@kshtzsharma48 There are lots of node.js tutorials available here: https://nodeschool.io/#workshopper-list
thanks @gulsvi
That links to the core modules that give you a basic understanding of javascript and node.js related tools before fully diving in to node.js
scroll down for more node.js-specific stuff
Cory Johnson
@fmartin5 I would agree with you about converting the docx files to a simpler format. I've worked a lot with office documents programatically, and it is always hellish to do anything with those documents. Convert to .csv, .txt, anything to get away from their format. The proprietary format will cause you a lot of grief other wise. I recently spent a month fighting Office, so I could work with xslt files; we eventually ended up moving to csv when we found out we had to have office installed on the production machine to be able to run the program on the server. No fun at all.


  • I am new to js.
  • I am trying to iterate grid columns and show the grid columns when I match the conditions.
  • but when I show the columns again I am getting an error.
  • I think problem is happening at this line console.log("totalDataDisplay grid.hideColumn(grid.columns[j].field);---->", grid.hideColumn(grid.columns[j].field));
  • in the method ---> totalDataDisplay
  • can you guys tell me how to fix.
  • providing my relevant code and error below.
  • my whole code I am providing in gist.


    resetColumns(grid) {
        for (var i = 0; i < grid.options.columns.length; i++) {
            var field = grid.options.columns[i].field;
            for (var j = 0; j < grid.columns.length; j++) {
                if (grid.columns[j].field == field) {
                    grid.reorderColumn(i, grid.columns[j]);

    totalDataDisplay() {
        let that = this;
        let columnData = that.columns;

        let grid = this.gridkendo.getGrid();
        let gridLen = grid.dataSource.data().length
        let colLen = columnData.length;
        for (let j = 3; j < grid.columns.length; j++) {
            console.log("(totalDataDisplay grid.columns[j]---->", grid.columns[j]);
            console.log("(totalDataDisplay grid.columns[j].field);---->", grid.columns[j].field);
            console.log("totalDataDisplay grid.hideColumn(grid.columns[j].field);---->", grid.hideColumn(grid.columns[j].field));
        for (var i = 0; i < colLen; i++) {
            //Default ->true   AND Visible -> true 
            //show in grid and hide in right click  
            if (columnData[i].default == true && columnData[i].visible == true) {
            //Default ->true   AND Visible -> False 
            //hide both grid and right click  
            if (columnData[i].default == true && columnData[i].visible == false) {
            //Default ->false   AND Visible -> true 
            //show in grid and show in right click with checked items
            if (columnData[i].default == false && columnData[i].visible == true) {
            //Default ->false   AND Visible -> False 
            //hide in grid, show in right click with unchecked items  
            if (columnData[i].default == false && columnData[i].visible == false) {

Michael S
hi guys im wondering whats wrong with my CSS for the social media icons footer.ul.social https://codepen.io/ohshi/pen/vRPPmv
@Ohshi60 what are you trying to get it to do?
Michael S
the rule wasnt working, i changed it to ul.social and not it works :) but i still want the icons side by side. Im trying to recreate the footer from this page https://www.ujamii.com/jobs
not = now*
ul.social li {
// Changed the selector
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    list-style: none;
    overflow: hidden;
    margin-bottom: 40px;
// added this
  display: inline;
Michael S
@lydatech Thanks. If i may ask, why do i need to select the li element for display: inline to work? :)
you try to inline the ul it will make the whole ul inline not its children
ul is a container
Michael S
Bonus question, do you know why the links dont work?
<i class="fa fa-github"></i>
                    <a href="https://github.com/ohshi60/"></a>
the a is empty
do <a href="https://github.com/ohshi60/"><i class="fa fa-github"></i></a> putting the icon IN the link
Michael S
youre a wizard, thanks :+1:
@Ohshi60 you might want to add .fa { padding-right: .5em; } to give your icons some breathing room
Michael S
okay its updated and starting to look decent. any ideas on how to align my header and picture nicely? https://codepen.io/ohshi/pen/vRPPmv
@Ohshi60 PM me
Nicolas Ramirez

Hey everyone, I am done with my intermediate Frontend projects for FCC. I am hosting them on Heroku, and wanted some feedback: https://nikameush-work.herokuapp.com/#/

I used mainly vuejs and express. Here is the link for the code, on a repo on GitHub:

Amit Patel
hey guys, what do you think of my wiki viewer? https://amitp88.github.io/Wiki-Viewer/
Nate Mallison
@AmitP88 looks good, clean and fast
Amit Patel
@NJM8 thank you! :)
@NJM8 I'll be applying for an entry level front end job soon, so I'm polishing up my projects
@NJM8 I've interviewed at this company before about 2 years ago, but I didn't pass their coding test. But back then my html, css skills weren't that good
@NJM8 do you think 3 solid projects is enough to put on a resume? or do I need more?
Nate Mallison
no idea, I think it's worth it to start applying so you get more of an idea of where your skills stand and get practice interviewing
Michael S
Hi, can anybody help me figure out how to properly center my about-header text so it aligns with the other sections? https://codepen.io/ohshi/pen/vRPPmv
Amit Patel
@NJM8 definitely