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@cursiv3 i got it working thank you
for you response
can anyone give me the link of 57th challenge
i completed 56 challenges but , when opened freecodecamp.org , i cant find my next challenge
does it work?
File -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts
Click "Search keybindings" and enter "increment"
Click the plus sign next to "Increment by 1", press Ctrl + Up and hit Enter
Repeat the above with a search for "decrement"
Nicolas Ramirez
Hey everyone, I just finished the mobile version of my website, so I would like some feedback :) would appreciate any comment or critic to it :) https://www.nikameush.com/
@gulsvi thanks
@kamatheuska the design looks great, very unique.
The problem I see is that it needs to be more user friendly.
Maybe add some animations when the links are hovered or something like that
because there is little distinction between the the links and all the other text on the page.
Nicolas Ramirez
@hensn5250 hmmm, you almost read my mind, thanks for the advice :)
No prob. What's the Matiz app suppose to do?
how can i be a front end freelancer
what should i know?
Dhaval Vira
first of all you need to know FrontEnd Languages
few Projects to show Client about your Skills
Any here familiar with the FCC Test-Suit?
@dhavalveera thx but what languages should i learn?
Dhaval Vira
@JoeTLP HTML, CSS, and JavaScript , in that order
Dhaval Vira
Thx for the help everyone
Dhaval Vira
David Vondrovic
Morning everybody
What are you working on?
I'm a returning camper and I'm working on my Responsive Design certification lol
They've added 3 projects to it
Alexandar B
hi people :wave:
working on voting app and finishing newly added challenges on fcc
Ali Bulut
I'm doing mobile site with html5 with ionic. Selectler does not work on iOS devices. So you know the selectbox I can use?
it needs to be like the radio button
Hi All, Im in the process of improving my tribute page to use grid instead of bootstrap. Im having some trouble making the footer sticky. Is anyone able to take a look at my codepin where I have placed a simplified version in effort to figure this out? https://codepen.io/Rich_P/full/LrxqWP/
Helio Goncalves
@richRocksCodeBlocks I am sure there are better solutions but here's the one I came up with:

<footer class="footer">
    <p>&copy; 2018 Richard Personius</p>
basically, keep the footer separate and apply the following css:
.footer {
/*     grid-area: footer; */
    background-color: #96cb7d;
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;
    width: 100%;
  height: 50px;
.footer p {
  display: inline-block;
  vertical-align: middle;
and the .wrapper you'll nee to add one line: min-height: 100vh
I hope it helped.
@srlhyo I really appreciate your help. I've been racking my brain on this footer longer than I would like to admit. With your solution, I have a gap below the footer of about 60px. I tried to mitigate it by setting the .main margin-bottom to -60px. I suppose footer must be outside of .main for this to work.
Helio Goncalves
that's right!
footer should come after .wrapper closing div tag.
Do you get me?
Anybody share major project idea in webdevelopment !
Nate Mallison
@sleepless-mind JSON data will have to be looped over to put it into arrays the way you want it. You have to do it yourself. JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. So it's always going to be an object. But you can loop over the properties and build different arrays from it
Thanks, Nate! Working on it right now
Corey Lewis
@1532j0004kg you're looking for a project to do or want to see someones?
@Nate Ended up finding a typo in the AJAX request - instead of dataType:"json", I had datatype:"json" and that's why the array wasn't working - I gotta watch out for little stuff like that haha
@richRocksCodeBlocks You almost have it with your grid approach. Add min-height: 100%; to your .wrapper class.
You may want to add a max-height property to your .main class as well after doing that