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found it. I was freaking out.
is it legal to embed videos from youtube?
i mean to your website
own website in general
Christopher McCormack
@newtothat Youtube provides an embed code just for that
Anyone who can help with this test? confused testLink
@chenjacky131 your code works for me. Maybe try to refresh the browser cache?
abraham anak agung
Hi all, how to put script tag inside code tag ? like React CDN Links
I try it but nothing is show in codepen
@cmccormack so do i have to ask permission the owner of video?
Ion Varsescu
hello, I've just finnished my "technical documentation page" in the responsive web section. I have a question about it. when viewed on a smaller width, the top navigation bar has a scrollbar on the right. in my project, the smaller I make the screen, the more this scrollbar moves relative to the window right edge. In the example code, the scrollbar on the right is always next to window's right edge. this is my project : https://codepen.io/Nei_V/pen/rKoQjy and this is the example project made by freecodecamp: https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/NdrKKL . aslo, any other feedbak is welcomed.
Lorrie Pearson
Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 9.08.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 9.08.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 9.07.51 PM.png

I'm really stuck on this challenge:
Debugging: Use Caution When Reinitializing Variables Inside a Loop

I'm at a loss. please help

Antonio Cunanan
@Lorrie01 Make sure the row variable is being reset. If you open the developer tools and look at the console, you will see what is happening with the row variable with the way its currently set up.
Lorrie Pearson
Thanks @kimonio
Antonio Cunanan
Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 8.16.34 PM.png
any familiar with axios in react?
Ryan Williams

For the responsive projects -> survey, one of the tasks is Inside the form element, I am required to enter my name in a field with id="name"
I have tried a lot of variations of

 <form id = "survey-form">
     <label id="name-label" for= "name">Name: <input id="name" type ="text" placeholder ="name"></input></label>

and none of them pass the id="name" test, I've also tried to put id on a div container for this input field and that also doesn't work, what am I doing incorrectly? Thank you very much for any help.

Anyone who knows whats going on in the ES6 section of challenges still up? I need help with Using Getters and setters to Control Access to an Object...

@Ryanwfile, if you haven’t figured out the solution, I’ll give you the page the solution to your answer is located:


@Ryanwfile it’s quite simple, and i dont wanna spoil it for ya :)
@newtothat, it is “ok” to embed videos from youtube, but if the video has any form of copyright license, its ethically best to ask permission to embed that video. To avoid that, you can search for creative common videos from youtube, which are free for everyone to use.
Ryan Williams
@stephepush Thank you for the help, I got it now
how do you know if you have finished a course?? Recently im strugling with that.It's not only with coding but about learning in general.How do youknow when you should move on and start new course.say for example you are learning math or a language like english french or japanese or any other thing.
just tell me about your learning experience please.How do you decide by your own if you should start new subject or course?
I know how this questions sounds but im struging with repeating the same thig over and over.And i don't see any progress
@newtothat You never stop learning at anything. It all depends what level you want to be at.
I start learning new things when I am getting bored or have reached a level I am happy at.
Bjorn van de Peut
@newtothat You should first ask yourself what you're expecting from yourself. A big mistake most beginner developers make is that they believe they should be able to code everything by head. And that's simply not true. You should be able to have a general idea about how to solve an issue. If someone asks you to make a calculator, you should have a general idea on how to do that and what you're going to need to realize it. But no one expects you to just sit down with an IDE in front of you and code it all out just like that. That might be expected from a veteran developer with years and years of experience, but not a beginner. So the question isn't if you've learned enough. The question is if you feel comfortable enough to move on to something new. Eventually you'll start developing real world applications. And you'll notice that you'll be struggling a lot with those as you keep running into issues that no one taught you how to solve. That's frustrating and gives you the feeling that you're not ready. But it's exactly those issues and your resolve in finding solutions that will teach you the most. And that's what's called "gaining experience". The more you have it, the easier it becomes.
That's also why we have a selection of project ideas that you can try when you feel like it. Because they give you that experience :)
Barbara Pentoney
hi peeps! need help with my penguin.... on click i want his left wing to go up ie 3times and end back down....but his wing is (broken)...haha it stays up...i want to go back down after rotation is complete... https://codepen.io/flyfishingbarbara/pen/BVVBew thnks!
not really 'rotation' but when 'animation' is done...thnx
Moisés Man
@flyfishingbarbara because u changed the class... to fix.. after animations ends.. (after 3s x3) set it back to the previous class
u could use a setTimeout for this
Barbara Pentoney
@moigithub ok, ill have to do some research on that cuz havnt done that before...thnx
Bjorn van de Peut
@flyfishingbarbara You might be interested in doing research on callback functions. These are functions that are "called" when something is done. Like setTimeOut() for example. That's a function that runs after the time has passed. So basicly JS starts the timer and says: Call me back when you're finished so I can run the code inside you.
The same idea would work with an animation for example. Call me back when the animation is finished so I can remove the class again
Barbara Pentoney
@bjorno43 thnx...ok so i got the 'wing' to go back down - i had to change the transform property. but now the 'click' only works when the page is reloaded....do i still use the 'setTimeOut() method to ie 'reset' the page...??
Bjorn van de Peut
@flyfishingbarbara I think that's the best solution. I'm not formilliar with Vue so I have no idea how it exactly works. But your animation is pure CSS so you don't have a reliable callback on animation finished. Therefor a timeout with the number of seconds that the animation takes would be the best solution to remove the CSS class again
Barbara Pentoney
@bjorno43 ok, thanks again...will check it out...have a good one... oh just curious...where r u located...??
@JohnnyBizzel and @bjorno43 thank you guys
Bjorn van de Peut
@flyfishingbarbara I'm from the Netherlands
If you hover your mouse on the profile picture next to a message, you can usually see where someone is from 🙂
@bjorno43 your explanation was clear.But it sounds like im not the only one who feels that way? I mean was it your own experience? you told me
Barbara Pentoney
@bjorno43 yah, i saw that after posting...thnx again and cheer from san diego...
Bjorn van de Peut
@flyfishingbarbara You're welcome :) Greetings back from the other side of the world :D
there is a girl Pamela Fox she taught on khan academy she says that creativity is not that you always create totally new things from scratch .sometimes it is just working with something that already has been created
Bjorn van de Peut
@newtothat Well obviously it was my own experience yes. But I've met and dealt with countless of developers through the years and most of them share it
i see beside fcc's projects is it ok to do your own .Something that you wish would exist?
@bjorno43 ??