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Tiago Correia
on the parent container give the following propreties
display: flex;
justify-content: flex-end;
you dont need to give flex to the inner div
@tiagocorreiaalmeida let me try that..but I think I did something similar yesterday and it didn't work. Note that the Navbar has a position: fixed to the left side but the #main-doc is behaving the same way the navbar is set to.

OK guys, I'm working on this wordpress site: http://jakewakefieldtarot.com/blog
It has the Twenty Sixteen theme installed -- with a few modifications. I added this to the style.css:

.top-menu * {
    border: none !important;

The top-menu still has a border around it. Can anyone help me out to get rid of this?

Tiago Correia
let me pick the codepen edit it and send you an working exmaple
abraham anak agung
@ki4jgt i don't see any element with top-menu class, if i open dev console, the menu is made from table elements. you can remove the table border
Tiago Correia
this looks a bit messy to work with it @tundeiness I will give you an idea of what you need to do
the div you wanna right align will need a parent element, the parent element needs the css propreties I just gave you, you can remove others flex from the others elements since they are not needed, the element you need to fix position should be out of this parent element it should be a separted element
@tiagocorreiaalmeida yeah..it's messy at the moment...I wanted to start all over again but I was waiting for solutions here
@padunk :facepalm: I tried to change the site over to bootstrap (table became container and tr was row) then I figured I didn't need all the extra effort. I totally forgot to put the class back in. I've been sitting here for 2 hours trying to fix this :(.
@padunk thank you!
@tiagocorreiaalmeida yes...the navbar is separate from the #main-doc
abraham anak agung
@ki4jgt np, happy hacking
@tiagocorreiaalmeida you see, the #main-doc wraps several #main-section and #main-doc is the parent element for the #main-section. but now I have just added another parent-element for the #main-doc which I think is not necessary though.
Tiago Correia
Its really hard to help at this point try to clean the css you feel you dont need and then I pick it up, im at work so its a bit harder to help
abraham anak agung
@tundeiness you need parent element to wrap navbar and main-doc. I usually use grid for this
@tundeiness this is a basic idea of what it looks like. I clean up all your CSS, cause it was a mess, sorry
and last think, it kind of weird for me seeing <ul> <a><li>...</li></a></ul in you navbar, usually i found it like <ul><li><a>...</a></li></ul>, but i still new too, maybe just a matter of preference
@padunk :) no problem
@padunk I used that approach previously though. However I will take a look at what you did.
@padunk I just saw your code pen. but the concept I have is that the navbar should be fixed and should not scroll while #main-doc scrolls.

@padunk if you apply this:

position: fixed;

everything go wrong. try it out.

abraham anak agung
@tundeiness yes, it just a basic idea. You could play with it. This is the right one if you add pos fixed. https://codepen.io/padunk/pen/EpMbPE?editors=1100
Ashan Mohammed
@dmk1111 Actually i don't want it
Ashan Mohammed
@dmk1111 Made some changes to make it responsive. Please take a look and let me know your comments https://codepen.io/ashan_zeroxster/full/EpeQzx/
Dmytro Holysh
@AshanMohammed looks better now.
When i try to get json data from the above url it is throwing error that
Failed to load https://api.data.gov.in//resource/9ef84268-d588-465a-a308-a864a43d0070?api-key=579b464db66ec23bdd000001f2a9afcaba44488e6777c5e71692d917&format=json: Response for preflight is invalid (redirect)
     type : "get",
     url : 'https://api.data.gov.in//resource/9ef84268-d588-465a-a308-a864a43d0070?api-key=579b464db66ec23bdd000001f2a9afcaba44488e6777c5e71692d917&format=json',
     crossDomain : true,
     crossOrigin: '*',
     contentType : 'application/json',
     dataType : 'json',
     success : function(data){
       for (var i =0 ; i < data.length; i++) {

         var $nr = $('<tr><td>' + data  + '</td></tr>');

       // after table is populated, initiate plug-in
            { "lengthMenu": [[10,-1], [10, 20]] });
This is my script file
see if any of them help
Stephen James
@1532j0004kg Remove the contentType as you are not sending any content. Then you will get CORS error. Need to make sure that sight supports cross site requests
Amit Patel

Hey guys, I was wondering, in React, is it possible to choose a state property at random?

For instance, if I wanted to setState of a random cell in this state object:

    this.state = {
      cell1 : '',
      cell2 : '',
      cell3 : '',
      cell4 : '',
      cell5 : '',
      cell6 : '',
      cell7 : '',
      cell8 : '',
      cell9 : ''
Tiago Correia
good catch @sjames1958gm
@AmitP88 use an array and pick a number random and change that position on the array?
since they are numeredcells
you can go for the object aswell concat"cell"+randomNumber
even tought doesnt makes alot of sense
Amit Patel
@tiagocorreiaalmeida ah ok, that kind of makes sense lol. I'll have to play with that idea. Thanks :)

hi guys needed a quick help

i want to display the numbers in a sorted fashion
you can change the functions
but not the function calls

Mois├ęs Man
u could use an array.. @BuntyBru
no i cannot
actually i cant
Christopher McCormack
@BuntyBru are you able to use a loop?
this is what i am doing
i am not able to find ways to decrease the delay