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when you console.log(query) are you getting anything?
if im not mistaken your error is telling you that this is broken: const query = searchView.getInput(); console.log(query);
Can you send the code for base.js as well
Ivan Ngundela
export const elements = {
    searchForm: document.querySelector('.search'),
    searchInput: document.querySelector('.search_field'),
    searchResList: document.querySelector()

@willybeans not sure.. this is confusingā€¦ as it say error at line
Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 21.05.44.png
Right so
Ivan Ngundela
Search view 11
you have to follow the tunnel
Its saying you are sending it an empty value at Object.getInput
so i assume you arent getting the value from the function in search view : export const getInput = () => elements.searchInput.value;
uhhh. let me see the html file
Ivan Ngundela
@willybeans not able to paste the html file (very long file) how to I do it?
A few things id suggest you do:
1) console log in search view and check the function getInput is getting the input from class .search-field
2) check your console.log is logging something from query @ const query = searchView.getInput(); console.log(query);
3) check to make sure your class in your html file doesnt have a typo at .search-feild
Ivan Ngundela
@willybeans OK
if you want to send the html dont send the entire thing, just send what is inside of the body tag
Ivan Ngundela
<div class="results">
            <ul class="results__list">
                    <a class="results__link results__link--active" href="#23456">
                        <figure class="results__fig">
                            <img src="img/test-1.jpg" alt="Test">
                        <div class="results__data">
                            <h4 class="results__name">Pasta with Tomato ...</h4>
                            <p class="results__author">The Pioneer Woman</p>
@willybeans I think this is part of the code used in search view
do a ctrl + f and search for search
Ivan Ngundela
@willybeans I got it mateā€¦.. solved..THANKS
@ingundela congrats! happy learning!
Barbara Pentoney
@naveencoder13 did you ever get an answer to your quest about why the iframe disappears..?? i dont have an answer, im curious how that got fixed...
hi peeps - anyone have exp with vs code and vue.js...?? i don't know why i cant see my project in web browser....

hey guys how can I get state from another component? I have implemented textbox like this one

but the state of the content I type is in diffferent folder/package. So how can access to that state, so that I can post it to the database?

here is the editor package

@willybeans I have imported some component and the imported component contains state. I want to edit value in the state
Corey Lewis
@sabin20 you could just post it to the DB from where it is
Is there a reason you need to move it to another component to post?
@cursiv3 I have my <slatecontent /> here like this
but this is build upon other packages so
its state is here
Mandeep Sharma
hello to all im facing a issue with my product landing page ????
if any 1 can help here is the link
when i run test 1 point is not cleared
not a clue
what should i do
Michael S
@roxxlen add a <hr> rule to the code :)
<!-- Add hr rule here -->
Mandeep Sharma
@roxxlen line needs to be added horizontal rule <hr>
thanks a lot @moT01 !!! i will improve it more
AJ Brommy
Hey Campers! :) I've just reached the tribute page project and it says things like 'should have an element with a corresponding id="main"', as I understand it HTML5 has a tag <main> for that. Should I not use HTML5 for this project? I don't want to fail because I use <main> instead of <div id="main">. Does anybody know if it is ok to use the HTML5 tags instead? Or should I stick to the described rules on the page?
use both as main is more semantic and div for just passing the test case
add a comment to the div that it was only for the sake passing fcc test cases
AJ Brommy
Ah sounds excellent Idea! Though I wasn't sure if someone would be checking it or a computer, or how it would work to if it would fail me or not. But that sounds like a great idea.
Thanks @shivendrarox
@AJ-Brommy you are welcome!
AJ Brommy
There use to be a way here to say thanks that gave you points. Is that still a thing here? If so, I can't remember how to do it lol... I'd like to thank you properly @shivendrarox
@AJ-Brommy no need for that! we campers are here always to help each other.
AJ Brommy