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Bharath Bhushan nh
My Skype ID "live:bbnhbb"
Dhaval Vira
Hey @bbnhbb
Bharath Bhushan nh
Ben Supat
hello there there @bbnhbb
how about checking out my simple work ,no functionality ,just responsiveness..please give me some feedback as I am beginner with this
Dhaval Vira
@groundzer00 hey. I checked your Website, i found that your Drop-Down Menu is not closing when we any tag, like Project, Team
it should close after selecting the Tag
Ben Supat
is it necessary to close? let me check how to do it .thank you for feedback! 😍😍
Dhaval Vira
Yes, it is necessary to close, otherwise it look weird
Ben Supat
can u give me keywords to search for how to close it? whats the best approach in closing? via css or javascript?
Dhaval Vira
text me directly
Mohammed Boudad
I know this is unrelated but can some please tell me what -D flag means in npm i -D
AJ Brommy
@matrixersp what is this in relation too? is this a linux shell command?
Mohammed Boudad
@AJ-Brommy I'm trying to install a dependency with npm, but I don't know what -D refer to
Googling it doesn't give me any results
AJ Brommy
unfortunately i don't even know what npm is lol
think i've found the answer to that now - a package manager for JavaScript?
Mohammed Boudad
@AJ-Brommy It's okay friend, Yeh I know what npm is, what I don't understand is the flag -D I haven't seen it before
AJ Brommy
-D: --save-dev
I think this might be what you are looking for : https://docs.npmjs.com/misc/config

Default: false
Type: Boolean
Save installed packages to a package.json file as devDependencies.

When used with the npm rm command, it removes it from the devDependencies object.

Only works if there is already a package.json file present.

Mohammed Boudad
@AJ-Brommy Ah okay, thanks a lot
You saved my day
AJ Brommy
no probs :) glad it's helped :)
Mohammed Boudad
I feel stupid, I should've taken a look at the doc
AJ Brommy
no worries - all part of learning :)
Mohammed Boudad
Yeh, it happens sometimes, we get stuck at trivial things
AJ Brommy
Spyrantis Theodoros
quick question. Is it "wrong" or bad practice or anything that to align something vertically i put display: flex; align-items: center; ? i mean..im only putting flex on it to display it in the center vertically. even if it is a single item.
AJ Brommy
there are vertical align options
but i don't think they work initial quite as one my think, i can't remember. I think you need to get the height to be 100% first or something.
Victor Popescu
@thodorisanta align-items: center; will vertically align items inside that element
not a bad practice
you can use align-self too
AJ Brommy
yeah seems i might have been wrong - i can't get things to work as i thought lol
so yeah might be the simplest option
AJ Brommy
ok... I think... you can use this..
AJ Brommy
sorry that probably needs explanation, numbers depends on others. it's functionality probably isn't right but I came up with this.
Confused on learning data science or continue learning web dev.
Dušan Todorović
Hey, guys. I'm a junior front-end developer and this is my first project design so I'd like to hear what you think of it and what I could improve. I uploaded home page for desktop and mobile view: https://imgur.com/a/ZFw5BKn
Danny McVey
Hi folks. I’ll be here working on my tribute page so if anybody needs help with HTML/CSS, PM me.
Joseph Henshaw
Hi, I want to create a button that adds input boxes whenever it's clicked, is there a way to do that in angular
Rahul Bhatia
Hi everyone! I just published an article about Kubernetes. If you are interested in it, please give it a read. Only 3 mins
Hussein Zaki
hi to @all
can anyone help me in react.js
@all please help me
@planigan can you help me