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Id suggest going thru some javascript courses, either on FCC itself, or on another place like following MDN docs.
Aita Kane
@eweiss17 alright thank you
could someone explain this?
the regex matches in regex101 but not in fcc's challenge...
Nate Mallison
What challenge?
Regular Expressions: Restrict Possible Usernames
Nate Mallison
Does anyone know how to make text overflow to the left and not the right?
capital letters?
or add an i at the end
If you look at all the settings on regex101 it probably has the i flag enabled
there is an i
and a g
oh that's weird...i removed the g and it worked =/
Nate Mallison
i is case in-sensitive, g is global. not sure how g would affect it, weird
Hussein Zaki
Hi to @all
Hello @Hussein90 :D
Ruben Dario
hello somebody with experience in d3 js
i am stuck and i need some help
Hussein Zaki
I am working on make react todo table okay based on JSON array i have tasks that have to be placed on it done , the problem is there also subtasks has to be placed also how to make it for every subtask to go to their task and also there is a property under every subtask called taskid present to which task he belong that is my link projecthttps://codesandbox.io/s/l7prykm4om @all
Hussein Zaki
Please @all
Help me
Christopher McCormack
@Hussein90 May help if you ask for one thing at a time
What specific problem are you trying to solve, and what have you attempted that isn't working?
Hussein Zaki
I have react todo table and inside it there are a tasks coming from a json array now I need to nest column under task column that I can do the problem is I want the nest column to be getting data from subtasks array and it has a property called postId which called to the task main one , I need to make every subtask under his own main task
Hussein Zaki
I want to add subtask under it’s own task not all of them under one task
Like there are 5 tasks I want to make under each task the subtask which belong to it
Christopher McCormack
@Hussein90 can you show an example of what you want it to look like?
Click Row to Expand Row
Christopher McCormack
@Hussein90 sorry I haven't used that library and I don't have time atm to read up on it - you should read the docs as closely as you can and see if you can figure out how to make it work in your project.
Hussein Zaki
Fabusuyi David Oluwasegun
hi guys...kinda stuck with #Basic JavaScript: Use the Conditional (Ternary) Operator....the last one is not passing

here is my code
var code = "function checkEqual(a, b) {

  return a >= b ? true : false  


checkEqual(1, 2);"

@dav4thevid @dav4thevid You are really close. This function is supposed to check if two values are EQUAL or not. Hope that helps.
Nicolas Ramirez
// this must throw a sintaxError
// var code = "function checkEqual(a, b) { 

// I would rather do:

function checkEqual (a, b) {
  return a >= b ? true : false  

checkEqual(1, 2);
Then try to see if your condition, in this case a >= b satisfies the requirements of your challenges. There you are asking: Is a greater than b?. Sounds that it doesn't checks equality...
Hussein Zaki
hi @all
can someone recommend a place that gives you practice using javascript with the DOM? I find FCC teaches you general javascript but doesn't touch much on tying it into the DOM...
Daniel Simeonov
Just try to create a page without html, good practise for DOM and animations
i suppose that could work