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Mandeep Sharma
ok ill see to it thanks for help
Claudio Restifo
the same can be applied to col-sm-11 col-md-11 The md is redundant. :)
@Stevegolden12 @Lia-Sue-Kim @matrixersp Thanks a lot guys for your help.
This is what I was looking for, now it works :) :

Altough I have now another sort of implied question.
In this pen, is the reason for my logo not centering horizontally in responsive view, altough I have declared the flex, justify-content and align items properties in the css specificity?


can someone tell me why NaN is evaluating as true in this function? it's supposed to return false
function isTrue (value){
 switch (value) {
   case "":
   case null:
   case NaN:
   case 0:
   case undefined:
   case false:
     return false;

     return true;
isTrue([false, null, 0, NaN, undefined, ""]);
Christopher McCormack
I don't believe you can actually test NaN against itself
> NaN === NaN
> NaN == NaN

better to use something like

> isNaN(NaN)


> Boolean(NaN)
@cmccormack thanks, i came across isNaN() shortly after i posted this, still having trouble solving this problem but i'm closer now at least
@cmccormack Boolean(NaN) worked for this problem actually, thanks :)
Christopher McCormack
@BrianWilliams28 :thumbsup: np
can anyone recommend a good place to learn about javascript animations?
vanilla JS, not jquery
@BrianWilliams28 Maybe look at MDN? Good place to start at least.
i would love to know how we can use the reduce the size of an html element with using px only . and not using css
Jim Montgomery
What's the expected behavior when making multiple fetch requests for the same resource? Does fetch return a representation of the same request or make multiple independent requests, returning a promise for each? eg Promise.all[fetch('/'),fetch('/'),fetch('/')]).then(console.log) appears to make multiple requests when I use the devtools and have disable-caching OFF, which has me a little confused. What is the appropriate way to address this--ie when the non-POST responses are expected to look the same (and the request is the same)?
@jimmielemontgomery AFAIK fetch will make the same request over and over, however many times its called. The browser potentially caching the request is a totally different store/level of abstraction. Now I ask what do you want to happen exactly?
Norvin Burrus
@BrianWilliams28 this may be helpful :sparkles:
@muhidav you can use width: 100px to reduce the size. The issue is since px is a static value it is not very responsive. Which means you would need a lot of media queries to have it look good at every size monitor. Most people will use a relative unit like % or vw/vh.
@bradley1492 Glad you got it working!
@bradley1492 So Christopher, I would add a wrapper span around the image. on medium breakpoint (776px) make the span a block/width: 100% if needed to push the right nav to the next line. Align-text: center on the image should center itself. Hope that helps.
@ndburrus thank you
Norvin Burrus
@BrianWilliams28 you're welcome! enjoy, happy coding :sparkles:
@Stevegolden12 Thanks for your tips once more. This brought me on the right direction. :)
Does anyone know why my fontawesome barsicon gets a funny look with a fourth weird line at the bottom as soon as I activate display:flex;?
Lucci Paula
@bradley1492 Add text-decoration: none; to burger-nav :)
It's the default underline on a link
@luccipaula manyyy thanks, I had absolutely no idea what was going on hahaha
Lucci Paula
@bradley1492 No problem!
someone review my code thanks u
@angelacabri Hello Angel. If you post a link there might be people here that can help you with it.

Good evening, I have another bootstrap question.

In responsive view mode I would like to center my logo.
Now it is on the right side because I used the align-items-endclass on the navbar class.

So my question is, and I think this has been sort of answered by @Stevegolden12 but why can't I declare d-flex justify-content-end on the navbar-brandclass?


Thanks for the help.

Corey Lewis
you could just use flex without bootstrap with
.parent {
    display: flex;
    flex-flow: row wrap;
    justify-content: center;
Victor Popescu
@cursiv3 bootstrap already has those classes
Hello everyone!

Hello @cursiv3 thanks for your reply.
But wouldn't this equal this example I built, I am giving the navbar-brand, wich is a parent of the imgelement the display: flex;property.

But still my logo doesn't center in responsive mode.

I hope it's clear, that I want my navbar to be right aligned in responsive as in fullscreen mode.

Here's the example:


I may try and formulate the same question on a more theoretic approach.

If a flex container arranges five flex-items, how would I arrange flex-item number three differently, if I want all the others to be arranged by the parent flex-container?

I hope the question is somewhat clear :)

@bradley1492 align-self
@ehutchllew many thanks, this second I stumbled upon it. I just need to read css-tricks more carefully. :)
@bradley1492 Hello Christopher. When you mean responsive mode you mean mobile/small size screens? If you looking to center the image. Go to the navbar class (div below container-fluid class)and change the align-items-end to align-items-center. Hope this helps.
@cursiv3 Yes Corey you can use CSS with or without bootstrap. From what I see most sites seem to add additional CSS to bootstrap to customize the layout.
@Stevegolden12 many thanks for the tips. I think I was looking for the align-self property, which I didn't really know before. I was looking for a way to let one flex item break out of the defined behaviour from the flex-container.
Jonathan Cunanan
Anyone tried pdf creation with signature drawing? How / what tools did you use to achieve this? Thanks!
Been seeing pdf libraries for a while now
@jcunanan05 I once used something called PdfSharp / MigraDoc. Signature? I think you can insert an image.
Jonathan Cunanan
Thank you @JohnnyBizzel

I'm a novice in Javascript, I just know basic DOM stuff and to build such projects. I thought I would challenge myself and create a Calculator without following any tutorial. The code I wrote after hours of trying was super messed up and hacky, it was a miracle it worked at all.

I wanted to write better cleaner code, I had seen and followed Practical JS before where one Build as todlist app as an object, this is the only OOPS Experience I had, I also watched and followed a Video on Classes and Static Functions. I decided to delete my existing code and write a better codebase using Classes
here is my attempt at it https://codepen.io/siliconpen/pen/pqogNy
Please give me inputs, there could be a a lot of places where my code is reductant
I would love to learn where this code can be improved and optimized, on top of that please let me know if my documentation is any good, this is my first attempt at adding explanatory comments

@siliconchild Does it work?
I notice it does work occasionally if you don't make mistakes.
Note that you have chosen a hard challenge to start your learning. The calc has many cases and conditions which need validation.
It might be your experience but you don't seem to have considered any of these validation problems.
I like the styling. :)