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Stephen Peters
but thanks @bradtaniguchi
Idk what sorta computer your running on, but if it has trouble running VSCode you might have a tough time with heavier setups like TS, .net or Java
Stephen Peters
my computer has 20gigs of ram
Jesus, if thats the case why care about RAM if it means missing out on modern tools?
I could recommend webstorm, which is probably the best web editor out there (not free), but thats the heaviest option
Abraham Anak Agung
@stephepush I use babel for sublime. But with 20gigs of ram, go for VSCode please :smile:
thats like getting a V8 and being worried about fuel economy haha
Stephen Peters
I'm kinda that kind of person, so yeah
Hyundai Genesis is a nice car, has a v8, but it also weighs nearly 5000 pounds... meh
This sorta analogy only goes so far :wink: but yea, 20gb of ram, I'd abuse it otherwise you aren't getting your monies worth haha
I abuse 16gb of ram by running Chrome and Firefox and Firefox quantum at the same time, just cuse I can X'D
Stephen Peters
yeah i always have lots of browser tabs open
so 20gb isn't much
I'm working on a gatsby project and all of the tabs I have open in VSCode has it run up to 2gb
I've tried Sublime and it's like 300mb
Soooooo much overhead from what seems to be electron :(
But anyways, I'm just sorta a weirdo dont mind me
I mean that's 1/10th of the ram you have so 10%... thats like almost idle >...>
canone tell if it is correct or not https://codepen.io/prashantdab/pen/PoYXPZp?editors=1100
Corey Lewis
@prashantdabral on the front end "correct" is in the eye of the ui/ux designers haha that page does what you built it to do so I'd say it is correct, next maybe dig into design and layout a bit (but those are more art-related areas)
Can I get some help with my react code
@siliconchild Ask your quesion and someone will help you if they can
could you tell me if there is something wrong with this selector, I get weird bugs after writing this selector

export const selectShopOverviewCollections = createSelector(
    collections => Object.keys(collections)
                  .map(collection => ({...collection,items: collection.items.splice(0,4)})) 
update: using Array.slice instead of Array.splice seems to fix the issue
Is this ngrx?
or redux?
and yes, slice is non mutating, splice is mutating
redux with reslect library
Kaz Baig

react code


can someone guide me on how to nest routes inside a page in react
i have done my routing inside index.js
is it possible to nest some routing inside the /shop page
Kaz Baig
@siliconchild the way in react-router 4 was to have it the way you do:
<Route exact path='/shop' component={CollectionsOverview} />
<Route path='/shop/:collectionId' component={CollectionPage} />
<Route exact path='/shop/some/other/route' component={Component} />
I think that's changed in react-router 5 though
so you write all your routes in index.js?
i saw a tutorial where they did it inside the /shop page, so i was confused
Kaz Baig
ah no I don't think it changed
so you'd do it like above
@kbaig alright thanks man
Kaz Baig
Liam Wears
looking for some feedback on my code if anyone has time
@lwears Quick feedback on the app itself
  1. I'd update the description "How alphanumeric would you like the passphrase?
    " to something like "How many alphanumeric characters would you like in the passphrase?"
I'd also format your code and clean up all the extra comments aswell :)
Liam Wears
Improved some bits, any more feedback is welcome :-)
Hello any one, would you kindly assist me wit this links to find out whether on your browser can be open/ if you put in on mock-up website it can be visible? Many thank before hand:
< img url("https://github.com/BuoRotti/tribute-image-/blob/master/Harry_Nilson.jpeg?raw=true");/>.