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Doni Yafi
Anybody knows how I can solve this issue?
er... whats the issue?
Doni Yafi
On smaller devices, the container of the select options pops out of the screen
Is there anyone here's for help?
Sakis bal
@vaggar12 Ask your question and someone will answer if they can
Govind Rathi
hey there!
Will you please tell me what's the wrong with the page, why my js is not adding anything into my page. Here is the link https://jsbin.com/noxulotuna/edit?html,js,output
I have corrected the li element name mistake, but still doesnt work on my machine.
Corey Lewis
let tobeAdded = `<div> <p>I am paragraph 1st.</p> <p>I am paragraph 2nd.</p> </div>`; ul.insertAdjacentElement("beforebegin", tobeAdded);
tobeAdded is a string not element, that's probably causing a problem, haven't dug deep into it though
Govind Rathi
Thanks @cursiv3 , will look into this
Abraham Anak Agung
@Kingpin23 you can use insertAdjacentHTML for string contain html markup.
Doni Yafi
Hi guys, I’m having a problem with fixed navbar’s anchor tags linking to local IDs. The scroll jumps further into the sections, since the top of the page is hidden by the fixed navbar. I tried setting the ‘top’ of the body to push it downwards but with no success. I appreciate any input from you.
Stephen James
@yafiwebdev - looks like this article talks specifically about your problem.
Tunde Oretade
hi guys I need help with a battleship project. It's quite large and I need advise on how to share it on this platform. can someone help?
Govind Rathi
I am watching a project on youtube that involves this line <i class="lorem ipsum" job="delete" id="lorem">
what is this job attribute I have never heard of something
Abraham Anak Agung
@Kingpin23 I never heard that one too. The way using custom attributes is by using data-*attribute.
Do Hoang
hello, i just finished my first challenger about tribute page, can you guy give me some recommends
and should we use boostrap or some UI framework to do these challenger?
Abraham Anak Agung
@huyhoang8398 very nice :thumbsup: . My input for you is:
  1. I see you use id for styling, usually, we use class, since the class can be used by many elements. Not saying that you can't do this with id, but id is unique.
  2. for the border you can use short border notation, so like border: 1px solid black.
Do Hoang
@padunk great, thank you so much for your recommendations
Doni Yafi
@sjames1958gm Thanks! I'll check it out
Hi , I am struggling to understand why mouseover or click does not work on a nested element , but instead it the event happens on a far parent/grandparent element. BTW this happens only on IE11 . Chrome works fine.
here is the html:
<button type="button" class="a-button-nostyle m-country-select"> <img class="a-image icon-flag"> <span>Germany</span> <div data-component="MDropdownFilter" class="m-dropdown-filter country-dropdown has-error is-open" data-component-id="jjj534jk34j5"> <input placeholder="Germany" class="a-input filter" type="text" required=""> <ul> <li class="ul-container"> <ul class="options"> <li class="a-option" aria-selected="true"> <a href="/content/p11/page.countryselector.de_DE.de_de.EUR.jsp?goeorguri=%2Fde_de%2Findex.htmltarget="_self" class="a-link is-multilanguage internal-link">German</a> </li> <li class="a-option"> <a href="/content/page.countryselector.en_DE.en_de.EUR.jsp?goeorguri=%2Fde_de%2Findex.html%3FdebugClientLibs%3Dtrue" target="_self" class="a-link is-multilanguage internal-link">English</a> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> </button>
i am hovering over ul-container or a-option etc. but it shows the hover on the root button element
Jim Montgomery
is there a proposal/rfp/rfc (including deprecated one) for javascript module bare imports? like import 'React' and similar? I cannot find anything in my searching of github/tc39 and more general searches. Thanks. Found https://gist.github.com/jkrems/769a8cd8806f7f57903b641c74b5f08a#Future
Hello guys, Could anyone please review my Survey Form front-end projects. Your help would be appreciated.
Mohammed Boudad
@kksrini89 it looks good, except that it says (at the very bottom of the page) "#mocha div missing, add it to your document" when you run tests.
Kris Baillargeon
Hey guys. Been a while :^)

Hello. I am trying to use flex box. I have set display Flex to my nav section. I am then trying to justify-content: flex-end to my button, however it doesn't seem to be working.


If anyone can tell me what I have wrong, would appreciate it. Its very basic code

Stephen James
@Nooy90 Make sure that your container is the full width, if you don't give you container width flex-end really means little
I have nav as the container, it is full width when I inspect element
Kris Baillargeon
@sjames1958gm Because you have it wrapped in a <nav> element, you need to apply the display:flex and justify-content:flex-end to the <nav> instead.
@sjames1958gm Right now you have it applied to the .container element
I applied it to the <nav> and it looks like this. Not sure if that's what you wanted, but it is aligned to the flex-end
It should work if you literally just change the .container code block in your CSS to nav. Alternatively, you can just apply the .container to your nav element and remove the <div> altogether.
Christopher McCormack
@krisb1220 I think you meant that for @Nooy90 no?
Kris Baillargeon
Woops, yes I did! lol

@Nooy90 Let me know if that solves your issue

@sjames1958gm my bad!

Stephen James
All good :)
Hope Huggles
Hi all, I'm used to software development but feel like a complete noob when it comes to CSS. I'm trying to slowly build my own site on the side while working through the FCC courses, and currently I've gotten close to making these ribbon buttons that I want but they could use some fine-tuning / some advice from someone more experienced on tips / better practices I'm likely overlooking.
Here's the codepen I'm practicing in: https://codepen.io/flowmid/pen/RwPGvrm
The goal with the ribbons currently is to fix the issue with how the squares which cut the ribbons line up (they get offset after the first one), and make it so that when I hover over a ribbon it gets larger, but without bringing the square that's behind it to the foreground. Anyone able to help with these?
@matrixersp test file is already added.
Martin Flischman
Can someone please help me? I have been searching the net for a solution, watching YouTube tutorials and still can't find a solution. The list items/text just does not want to align to the left, between the Starting price and button. https://codepen.io/mdezigned/pen/KKpqqmz?editors=1100
@Mdezigned This is the default CSS style for an unorder list element, <ul>.
As you can see below it has 40px of padding-left. To align its content to the left set padding-left to zero;
// <ul> default styles
display: block;
list-style-type: disc;
margin-top: 1em;
margin-bottom: 1 em;
margin-left: 0;
margin-right: 0;
padding-left: 40px;

// from https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_default_values.asp
Kris Baillargeon

@Mdezigned Quickest solution to any problem like this:

Learn how to use Chrome DevTools

Whenever I have a problem related to styling, CSS, or Javascript, the solution is almost always solved by popping over to Chrome DevTools. Namely, the "Select An Element To Inspect" saves my life all the time. I'll attach a GIF to show you how your problem could have been solved in less than 5 seconds using DevTools.