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@seesykescode There are such things as "design languages", that provide specs and guidelines on how to make stuff look. An example would be Material Design, which is implemented by a lot of Google products so they all look similar
so "taking" a design isn't that bad, you actually end up making your product look more "familiar". You could also go out of your way to build your own design, but this usually is harder since you need an eye for design

All depends on what your goals are, if you want to be able to design your own UI's from the ground up then practice building stuff better via different techniques and what not like any artist. If you don't really care to much and are fine using existing designs then look into ones you could leverage and stick with it.

I personally totally suck at design and thus usually stick with an off the shelve UI lib and or UI guidelines. I'd rather build the functionality then design the UI

Johnathon Sykes
Yea, That's how I am as well. I like the functionality side of things but designing is just not my fortay. Do I even need to put stock into that, job wise?
also, thank you for your quick answer @bradtaniguchi

@seesykescode It depends on the job, if your just doing front-end work, usually you need to be pretty decent or at least versatile in design, as you will be building custom UI's. For people/clients that are less picky on the UI either want a lot of custom functionality, or are cheap. The cheap people are the ones that wouldn't mind someone building out their website using wordpress or wix or the like, and as such developing a site from the ground up doesn't make as much sense.

So that leaves custom functionality situations where people/clients want something along the lines of a web-app, this is where functionality and full stack comes in. So if you are ok in the UI department, but still want to stay relevant, being able to build full stack usually is the next best bet.

Kris Baillargeon
@bradtaniguchi I personally have a website design company focused around WordPress, and take it from me: the clients are cheap. They're mostly small businesses or startups that have been sold the dream. Most of them think they need a business plan, a website, and business cards. They want all of that for less than $1,000 most of the time.
I've learned, however, to have fair pricing. It takes me less than 8 hours to do the sites, so charging them $700 gives me about $100/hour. Pretty decent, and fair in my opinion. However, my pricing is firm. I don't work with bargain buyers. If they try to get a deal/bargain, I usually tell them I'm not the right fit for their projects.
I also offer a good amount of "free" bonuses with my websites. I include logos, business cards, a flyer, web hosting, a domain, and a strategically written Facebook ad. I do 99% of the free shit in Canva, so it takes me less than 1 hours for that stuff.
Overall, it takes me about 8-9 hours for the projects and about $13 in hosting.
So, I wouldn't say steer clear of it, but I would say that it's not sustainable by any means. If you're going to start a website design company that can make $1-5 million per year, it has to be custom design projects. WordPress is good to feed yourself, not anyone else :P
Hello guys, can anyone review my Technical Documentation project?
looks pretty good overall @kksrini89
when you shrink the window a little, before the hamburger menu shows up - all the text overflows to the right of the window, bringing up the horizontal scroll bar. it would be nice if that wrapped instead of overflowed
the blue hamburger button doesn't match the green scheme
that button gets hidden behind the menu - you can still close it by clicking outside which is nice. but you might want to move it somewhere it's visible
there's some unused space at the bottom of the side menu, you could maybe extend it to use all that space
Doni Yafi
You could add some hover effect to the items to change their background color (maybe even a simple quick animation while you're at it.
@yafiwebdev @moT01 thank you guys, I count your suggestions and will update.
@moT01 I will have to change for text overflow.
@yafiwebdev Initially I had simple animated effect, then I removed just thought to keep simple.
Martin Flischman

My project error and success messages just don't want to work. Would anyone be able to help, please?

line 44 of the js @Mdezigned = $("errorMsg").html(errorMsg); - there's something wrong there
Martin Flischman
@moT01 Thanks, I added the "" but it's still not working.
take a closer look
Martin Flischman
@moT01 Ok, I have added the# for the ID. Now the successmsg works but the correct errorMsg doesn't display as per the written code.
why is that
Martin Flischman
@moT01 I don't know. It all looks correct to me.
here's a hint that might be a little vague...
if you gave the element an id of errorMsgId and your variable a name of errorMsgText- instead of giving them both the same name, you might notice the problem
alright, that may not help - you are setting the html as a string and not your variable - maybe that will be better
Martin Flischman

My JavaScript panel just doesn't want to work and there is some padding on the right of the page that I can't get rid of. Can someone please help me with it or just point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance 🙂

what do you call < in html?
the entire thing forms tag <html>
is it called less than symbol or anything else
Markus Kiili
@linkin-park From the W3C html syntax document, you can find The first character of a start tag must be a U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN character (<)
Oh! yeah W3C long forgotten. @Masd925 thanks.
svelte js library seems better than traditional react/angular/vue.
The reason :
1> Reactive library than hooks.
2> Should be clean not with hacks.
3> Performance.
I see 3 ways same with otther, but Vue only accept way 1
@linkin-park move to FCC discord.
unofficial FCC
Rahul Bhatia
Hi folks, for those looking for a clean and elegant design portfolio, built in React, you can checkout my repo
it already has more than 200 stars and 36000 visits
Hope it helps!
Jim Ranger
Hello, is anyone available to help me answer questions I have on @use in SASS?
Corey Lewis
@rangerjim_gitlab post up that question