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Dec 2018
Dec 09 2018 02:36
whats yall opinion on the best way to detect a mobile device
Alwin George
Dec 09 2018 02:55

I'm a novice in Javascript, I just know basic DOM stuff and to build such projects. I thought I would challenge myself and create a Calculator without following any tutorial. The code I wrote after hours of trying was super messed up and hacky, it was a miracle it worked at all.

I wanted to write better cleaner code, I had seen and followed Practical JS before where one Build as todlist app as an object, this is the only OOPS Experience I had, I also watched and followed a Video on Classes and Static Functions. I decided to delete my existing code and write a better codebase using Classes

here is my attempt at it
Please give me inputs, there could be a a lot of places where my code is reductant
I would love to learn where this code can be improved and optimized, on top of that please let me know if my documentation is any good, this is my first attempt at adding explanatory comments
Dec 09 2018 04:13
hey anyone know how i can reset camera orientation on getUserMeda cam
cuz the camera default orientation seems to be landscape
Dec 09 2018 04:22
was able to solve it
Dec 09 2018 04:42
u guys wanna nice slogan
i just came up wit
ima use it on a interview, hopefully
"im all about that UPS delivery, user experience, performance, security"
its kinda funny too, i think O.o
Dec 09 2018 05:35
Good for a UPS job interview :joy:
Dec 09 2018 06:51
@JohnnyBizzel lol
i dont understand why the default cam orientation on mobile is set to landscape, so if i set its width, its actually setting its height
Dec 09 2018 18:20
im having a confusion, i dunnp why my media queries arent working without !important keyword, i never had to use it before
Dec 09 2018 19:09
i cant seem to get this to work
.imagesHolder1 > img:last-child {
Dec 09 2018 19:19
oh it was actually working
but when i scroll , the scroll stops at the image and doesn scroll to the margin space
Dec 09 2018 22:31
Do you think having a partner to study with is better way or is it waste of time
Dec 09 2018 22:35
i think a few factors are at play
i think if ur partner is as motivated as u r, then the more heads the better, in a sense, everyone in this chatroom is like a partner for me, except i beraly ever donate answers, and im laserd in on my own shit. id say having this chat room saved me days worth of debugging
and i think a partner can do the same for u
i think if u guys both will be working on the same thing, i think it will b wonderful
and more fun
it can work lile belaying in rock climbing
Dec 09 2018 23:46
anyone know about passport js not working cuz of proxies