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Dec 2018
Dec 25 2018 19:22
hey anyone know what the story is with node js and io js
i found a link to io.js and it took me to the joyent node.js, did they merge back?
Mohammed Boudad
Dec 25 2018 19:46

@Pagnito Yes they merged back

io.js has merged with the Node.js project again. There won't be any further io.js releases. All of the features in io.js are available in Node.js v4 and above.

Dec 25 2018 20:56
Hi guys I am currently doing some react project using codepen but I was testing the output and I found out nothing is being rendered to the screen what am I doing wrong in my codepen? here is the link to the project:
Dec 25 2018 21:04
@matrixersp thnx
Christopher McCormack
Dec 25 2018 22:06
@tundeiness get rid of those imports, you don't need them if you're using the imports in the Codepen JavaScript settings already. also use h1 not H1