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Jan 2019
Spyrantis Theodoros
Jan 06 13:18
so if i make an object animal and then make a new object from that animal dog ( let dog = new animal). then the object chain will be:
Object <-- animal <-- dog where every object has a prototype , except Object correct?
Jan 06 14:00
If you're doing new animal then animal needs to be a constructor function.
animals prototype chain will be like:
null <-- Object.prototype <-- Function.prototype <-- animal
The object created from animal's prototype chain will be like:
null <-- Object.prototype <-- animal.prototype <--  dog
Jan 06 18:42

hey guys, i am learning in isolation at the moment and thought I'd come and ask a question. I had to check the answer to the Basic Javascript exercise 'Profile Lookup' because I was stuck on it all day and couldn't figure out what to search for on Google to find the answer.

Since I have effectively cheated, I am wondering whether this signals that one might not be cut out for this. I had no idea that the hasOwnProperty object method, so didnt know what to search for and then checked the answer.

has anyone who is now v competent and successful at web development checked an answer to a problem before on FCC?
Jan 06 19:01
anyone familar with the youtube spf
Jan 06 21:14
@jk025523 Ok don't panic! The key is if you understand the solution. Most things you will have to look up so this is no uncommon. The skill is finding what you need and understanding it. You will likely need to change the solution to your specific problem.
@Pagnito I watch videos on YouTube. Does that count?