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@RiddhiCoder kishorcb4@gmail
@RiddhiCoder where are u from?
@cbkishor I am from India.And you??
@cbkishor Please tell
Can I know ur full name
I am from Bangladesh
@cbkishor Check Your Mail and revert me ASAP.
anyone from Morocco?
Joseph Davidson
I am in NorCal
Hi all whats the concept of this forum?
Mohammad Areeb
@SampathKumar27896 find someone related to your skillset and learn/ work in a pair, it will motivate you
Got it @areeb726 thanks
Is anyone here
Christoph B├╝hler
Hey everyone looking for a partner for my start up. It's a new social network. It's pretty much complete. Just needs a couple final touches. My advisors have investors ready to go once we have an MVP.
Looking to improve my skills. I know ruby basic html css & javascript
Let me know if you anyone is available to pair
Hi @CarloSantos07 I have been out of the loop for a couple of years I used to be active on the FCC Gitter a few years ago, now i am trying to get back on the FCC train. If you have any ideas I would love to chat about it.
@CarloSantos07 happy to have a discussion with you.. I am working on a frontend project using React
Kushal Mishra
Anyone for Android development
@DanielJorn hey, you up for android development
Hey! I want to learn Rust. Anyone want to be my partner? I have some previous programming experience but not that much.
I'm okay with C or any other programming language to. Mainly looking for a programming partner.
A Bengali speaker would be massively appreciated but English speakers are also hugely appreciated.
Joseph Davidson
I would love to pair with someone. I would consider tutoring JavaScript, react, Redux, CSS. I am currently able to write-back end using PHP or node, attaching to a SQL database. I'm keyboard the right front end full stack and create content Management Systems. I'm probably not as cool as other people socially. It's cuz I'm a goof. I do have skill and a solid understanding of what I work with. Private message me if you would like to connect.
Peddi Ashrith Kumar
Hi everyone! I am preparing for the interviews in which having a good understanding of Data structures and Algorithms is very important. So, I am looking for a coding partner to discuss the daily problems and solve them together. I believe group discussion makes the concepts much more clear than individual studies. If anyone is interested to pair with me, please message me. Cheers!
hey looking to learn reactjs
@jojacino i would like to pair with you
is java good for competitive programming?
Peddi Ashrith Kumar
Yes Java is good for competitive programming
Pratiksha Pai
hey guys, i wanted to get better at python and java programming and get a cool application out by the end of it. i have a full time job as a software developer but need to hone my skills
i would like to pair up with intermediate programmer, thanks in advance
Pratiksha Pai
Divyosmi Goswami
@everyone hello everyone i have a opensource named HAESolve and i am looking for members and data if anybody is interested please contact at goswamidivyosmi@gmail.com
Vineet karmiani
Hi everyone. My name is Vineet Karmiani and I am an intermediate web developer with 1yr of experience in dot net and interest in Mern stack . I am looking for someone who loves mern stack and is ready to build some projects and also solve leetcode problems side by side.
If interested mail me at vineetkarmiani@gmail.com
Hi, been coding a while but focusing on web dev and getting the basics right. So working on HTML, CSS and JS. Got enough to get going but looking for some help refactoring and structuring..also linking to a backend. Anyone in a similar space or a bit ahead of me that could start working through prototypes with me?
Nikhil John

Hi there. I am creating a django api template.

Code and suggestion contributions are welcomed. :)


Doni Yafi
Anyone looking for a partner to collaborate on their project PM me
I can help with MERN/MEVN stacks and Laravel
Hello, friends. My name is Alexey I am one of the founders of the project bkcomics.ru from Russia. We are making a comic book site with artificial intelligence, now we need 2 programmers who have worked with AI or are ready to try and a php programmer. We look forward to new partners.
Hi @altartykov
i'm interested in pairing on anything anyone's working on. I really just want to get better at talking through problems with people, seeing where I get stuck that others don't, and getting a view into how other people think and code. For example, the first time I learned how functions and macros work in BASH I couldn't believe I'd ever gotten around without them. I'm sure many more of those types of realizations are out there and I think the best way to come to them is working with other people :)
Ozlem Akgunoglu
Hello. I'm looking for a partner who can develop together our coding skills Python and/or Java . I know basics of this languages and important libraries . i need some help especially on project management and software devolopment processes. You can mail to me ozlem.akgunoglu@gmail.com.