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Ankit shrivastava
Intermediate JavaScript, html and css ... I want to be a full stack developer.
Looking for partner
With same goal
Just do Google ankyBot you will find more know about me if you want
I'm looking for a programming pal to work with me for interview purposes. I'm planning to study full-time java data structures and algorithms. I'm a beginner with basic coding knowledge. I'm looking for an experienced/beginner java programmer to partner with me on competitive programming. I'm also searching for a mentor to guide me.
Any help or guidance will be appreciated .Thanks
kirti rawal
@sreepurani Hello, hope you are doing great. I am done with learning java basics which was a very joyous process. I have stepped into oops concept alongside with Data structures and algorithms basics. We can leatn together, if it interests you.
@kirtirawal sure ! :)
kirti rawal
How are we supposed yo help each oter according to you?
Hi everyone, I start several months ago to be a fullstack developer for a startup in Paris (Lifen) and I’m looking for a Pair Programming partner to work on side projects. I’ve got some skills in JS (NodeJs, VueJs, Angular) and Java (Spring, Hibernate...) but I’m also ready to explore new languages and tools! If you are interested contact me! :)
Rateb Özil
Hi every one i am learning Python right now and need someone to learn and code together
@RatebOzil7_twitter I just started learning Python too. Been 10 days. If interested, feel free to ping me.
Ryan Powell
Hi everyone! I'm a bootcamp grad with some experience doing intern work at a startup. I've been interested in practicing an 'Extreme Programming' Methodology and I would like to work on a team to ship some small projects. I have a few ideas for some potentially profitable projects, but I'm open to any ideas for projects to work on. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested.
1 reply
De’andre Brown
I would like to start iOS development any takers
Hi Everyone!! I am a fullstack developer working for a MNC since 1.5 years. Its my first job I was lucky enough to get a campus placement. I am planning to do a 100 days of code challenge and I was thinking if i could find a coding buddy and do pair programming. The main objective is going to learn data structures and algorithms and do as many as questions and problems on that which help in clearing the coding interviews in the future. Let me know if anyone is interested . Please ping me on intsagram @shivamrajvanshii or you can email me at shivamdldav@gmail.com
Hi everyone, I have started competitive programming and I'm looking for a partner with whom I can solve problems plus discuss new topics regarding cp you can hit me on rushikeshbhavsar92@gmail.com ps: I actually wanted to excel at cp so I want people who at least spend 2 to 3 hrs a day for cp it maybe problem solving or learning new topics regarding cp.
Hello group! I am a master's graduate in Information systems, currently learning JS and React for Web development (1 month into it) would like to pair up for discussing concepts, problems, or projects related to front-end technology(prefer JS and React). Contact me at svj141@gmail.com
Hey! I am a java developer with around 3 years of experience. Looking for people to collaborate on projects to keep us busy over lockdown while benefiting someone/something from our work. Contact me at business.isxander@gmail.com or @isXander#0162 on discord.
Noa Gradstock
Hello There!
I'm a young guy from Sweden who just started programming at my free time for fun. I have for a longer period of time had an idea for a website that I think can bacome very big. I have programmed a crappy prototype on the website using mostley css. If you are intrested in finding a yung partner and want to help me, plese writw to me at: noahgradstock@gmail.com
swiss bobo
Swissbobo@gmail.com join me if you interested in learning together javascript python html css and django or any of them or general web development.. We could learn together.
Hi there, I'm Faisal. I'm a Computer Science Graduate and learning full stack Javascript Development (Mern Stack). If you want to learn with me and discuss Javascript, React, Node etc concepts then please let me know by sending me an e-mail at: faisalakandha77@gmail.com
Thiago Leobons
Hi everyone! Nice to have found this community! Id love to pair program. I code on React everyday and would love to help and be helped, so I guess it's a win-win. We learn both ways :)
2 replies
Giulio Mazzei
Hi everyone;
I'm Giulio, I'm almost 16yr old and now I'm taking a course to become a FullStack Developer;
I'm interested in finding a partner for programming and for making some coding projects.
If you are interested, contact me at this email: giulio.mazzei.2005@gmail.com
1 reply
Damos Kalaitzidis
Looking for coders to make non-big brother version of Clubhouse called SameHear. Got the dot com for it. Please message me if interested.
Hi I am looking for a coding partner for solving leetcode and hackerank problems. I am a masters student preparing for interview in the computer vision and Machine learning domain. Thanks
3 replies
If interested comtact me at avni97@gmail.com
hi all!
I'm Vahid from the Netherlands. I am taking a Udemy Javscript course (The Complete Javascript Course 2021 by Jonas) and I am towards the middle, and am looking for a partner to do the projects together and learn more! Anyone interested?
5 replies
Mehul Shrivastava
Hi there, if anyone in final year of their college or even working professional, willing to pair up to prepare for Product based industries, drop me an email m2makamaestro@gmail.com
Dwight Spencer

Greets mates. Been a developer since the late 90's where I launched a tech firm, then moved to Dallas and help launch FCC Dallas. Since then been teaching programming in python, node/es6, webxr, pwa/dapps, golang, agile methodologies, and devops tools. Feel free to hit me up anytime if someone is looking for a coach, peer programmer, or to help code an app..

Twitter: @denzuko, Github: @denzuko. https://angel.co/u/denzuko

@fernandafons I am interested in Pair programming
Anyone interested in pair programming for flutter tell me if you are interested ? Here is my mail rahemanali321@gmail.com
Cloyd Abad
I'm looking for someone whos interested in pair programming with reactjs or nodejs. my email is: cloydcabad@su.edu.ph
Looking for a pair programming partner for JavaScript. I'm still a beginner!
Hi all, I’m Sowmya, living in Switzerland. Currently learning Javascript, Reactjs and would like to pair program with someone who’s also in the same boat. If interested, please write to me at sowmya_indla@yahoo.com
Giao Tran
Hi everyone! Is anyone interested in improving their performance in leetcode easy level problems? I’m aiming to do 20-30 easy level challenges before moving onto medium level ones. I code in JavaScript. Let me know if you’d like to pair program :) contactgiaotran@gmail.com
Hi, I'm Alessandro, I'm looking for a coding partner with whom study React.js to improve my frontend skills that are not great
How are you?
Howdy from Austin, Texas, USA! Seeking fellow women, trans or femme #WTF for pair programming practice. I attend UTA/QuickStart's Data Science Master Bootcamp -- Excel, DAX, Power BI, Alteryx, SQL, R, Python, Azure. Gracias,LinkedIn.com/in/chrisbenevich
Hello I am in the prefinal year of computer science. I love Js and also doing CP(Competitive coding). Is anyone with same interest?
@aleTornesi Hey I can join
If anyone interested in JS or any framework of JS or coding partner then email me at kuldipmochi96@gmail.com
Hey..I am ridhika.I'm looking for a coding partner with whom I can study data structures and algorithms.If anyone interested email me at ridhikagarg8@gmail.com
Cloyd Abad
@aleTornesi hey we can code together with @kulu123-z and make a project together, I dont have any work experience yet so that would be a good opportunity to work together on a project.
Hi, I'm Kalash a first year cs undergrad looking for a partner to study ds algo and practice competitive programming with. I'm serious about it and would like to work together with someone who is equally devoted to it. If you're interested please mail me at kalashshah47@gmail.com. Ps: I'm from India.
Anyone doing Intermediate Algo Scripts in need of a partner?