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Gourab Mahapatra
oh it's ok
I am on a desktop pc and I don't have a webcam
not necessary, but audio should be must
by the way, I am new to programming
and learning js and then I would learn Reactjs
I have created a link as well on coscreen: join it if you have downloaded the app
Gourab Mahapatra
did you join it?
yes, but I don't use it often
I am happy with my editor and coscreen
no, I am sorry discord uses very high bandwidth and my data pack gets over
or do you use atom editor?
there is a feature called teletype in it which can share my code space with you
anyways it's ok
Gourab Mahapatra
by the way, I don't have any projects. I am learning online on udemy from a course called Angela Yu
2 replies
trying to understand stuff
if you are not interested then it's ok
I use vscode. If you can't use discord then ig I'm not interested. Sorry
1 reply
I am looking for a partner for doing DSA on leetcode interview bit gfg
I am learning from few months if interested DM me
Neeraj Sharma
want to a partner to learn JavaScript and react js ,interested can mail me : neersharma77@gmail.com
Hey Sharma am learning JavaScript too
Hi I am a software developer need a partner for pair programming on a side project in MEVN stack or MERN stack
1 reply
Natalie OBrien
Hi Guys I am a full stack developer and am looking for someone who would is interested in partnering up with me on a Laravel web app
1 reply
Hello guys, I have just start to work on a new prodject, I have made a prototype of the idé, somone who want to team up?
hi all, looking for a partner to practice Python and Django
Ulrich Giorgio Jaeger
hey anyone for spring boot session or certificate to learn and programm
Gleb Gonchar
Hello! I am interested in work together, I need React.JS developer, who just started studing. I am Djnago developer. I want to work together and start create small apps such as to-do. My mail is codegleb@gmail.com
Ulrich Giorgio Jaeger
@codegleb good intention
Gabor Szabo
I am looking for further partners to work in #Python on the https://pydigger.com/ project. You can see previous pair programming sessions here https://code-maven.com/pydigger (the first video contains an explanation about the project). You can see other live pair programming sessions at https://code-maven.com/live
1 reply
Ulrich Giorgio Jaeger
@JTVong sure lets do it when you are in these days
Shivam Pandey
Hi! I am looking for a partner who knows React.js to pair program with. I am learning React.js and I am making a chatting web app in which i need help. If anyone is interested to pair up, they can email me at shivamraj472@gmail.com
Wamanga Peter
Am learning JavaScript. Anyone learning JS with a learning partner can email me on wampet232@gmail.com.
anyone learning Django here? message me and we can learn and make projects together
Hello everyone, I am currently about to start my Junior year for my Bachelor of Science in Software Development at Western Governors University. I have HTML, CSS, and beginner-level Javascript experience with some SQL that I learned in my Database Foundations course (I'm still having confusion wrapping my head around joined tables). I'm looking for someone who would be willing to collaborate on making some fun projects together. I'm really trying to build a portfolio and gain employment, but I feel a bit lost and some guidance would really be appreciated and having someone to work together with would be great! Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested: fberind@wgu.edu
Hello Everyone, I just started learning Swift and iOS app development. If anyone is interested to join for iOS dev job preparation, please let me know
I have creteated more than 20 Python projects for beginners on my Youtube channel.
If anyone is interested in a coding Partner to discuss and complete projects let me know. I am currently self teaching myself and know a good chunk of CSS/HTML/JavaScript with a little bit of Bootstrap and Node Js. The goal is to have fully functional apps/website to put on GitHub. If you are serious about getting a portfolio going let me know at deeramoe@gmail.com
Sagar Paul
I've been learning Java and DSA for a month now. I'll start learning CSS today side by side and then will move to js. If anyone wants to join me, email me at sagarpaul2k16@gmail.com. I want to complete css, js, node, react, mongo in 3months.
or you can dm me at https://twitter.com/iamSagarPaul
I've started learning js , a beginner .Want a coding partner to pushh together .Anyone willing to learn together email me at ipshaghimire2000@gmail.com.Thankyou!
I've started learning IOS, a beginner.Want a coding partner to push together.Anyone willing to learn together emails me at hudaolayan88@gmail.com
Shashwat Dahal
any html css js programmer here I want to pair program
lets grow and focus on one single project
hi freecodecamp
the python course of charles severance is really cool i enjoyed it i would love to have him as a teacher for many other things
i would like to say could you please add some exciting pythong projects that would be rally cool
also , the quiz of freecodecamp as in python should be in other courses also ,
i would love to help