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Naman Garg
If anyone wants to start peer competitive programming having prior ds and algorithms knowledge in java, please let me know.
Idris Fagbemi
Anyone looking for collaboration on a python project
Anjola Adeyemi
Hey Naman, I just finished a course on DSA, we can work together.
1 reply
Hi guys and gals. I'm mentoring a small group of programming beginners in Vietnam, no previous experience necessary, we are all learning from scratch. We currently have space for about 1-2 new members. Our stack consists of Node.js, PHP, and we heavily lean on linux, docker, git and open-source tools. We are fully remote, communication by Jitsi and Matrix. Send me a DM if you are interested - either as a student, or as a mentor.
Ulrich Giorgio Jaeger
@dagreek710 sure let us cooparate write me pn
Amish Sharma
Hi all, is there anyone who is interested in solving Leetcode problems together?
1 reply
Hi guys, I'm new to Java and Javascript and I will be very grateful if there is someone interested in doing pair programming on Katas on these programming languages
Aghomi Solomon
i heard this is s good place to regularly find pair programmers
Sanjana Vijaykumar
hi i need someone to practice leetcode problems with
we can connect on WhatsApp or discord
please let me know if anyone is interested
Sanjana Vijaykumar
@TheAghomix hi i am interested
Hi Sanjana, I am interested in practicing leetcode questions. morevickey606@gmail.com this is my email if you need to contact.
Sanjana Vijaykumar
emailed you @Harshadeep606
Neetesh Kumar Sharma
Hii, anyone interested in DevOps and Cloud to start learning with me or teach me ? also we'll be discussing more topics as further, we go.
Hi, I'm pretty new to flutter app development and coding in general. I'm looking for a "coding partner". If you are a beginner to flutter, feel free to let me know. We both can help each other learn by collaborating on little projects and competing with each other :D
Kiran Salve
hi I am learning react by creating ecommerce website and want pair programming with the same.
1 reply
Gleb Gonchar
Hey, i am learning Golang, now i am creating a telegram bot. Who want to discuss or create a project with me - gelerum@gmail.com
@gelerum are you alive? :) you became ghost
Amish Sharma
Hi all, I am preparing for interviews to crack product-based companies. If anyone wants to join me in interview preparation by solving problems at Leetcode/GeeksforGeeks, then please ping me at: sharmaamish39@gmail.com.
Cameron McDowell
Hello everyone. I’m looking for a partner to build a real work application. I have web and app development experience with focus in html/css/JavaScript/react/react-native and fire base
hello everyone i am relatively a newbie in coding i have learned html css and js too but i am still not able to code i dont understand a bit when i try to code myself can someone please help me as i am really confused
Hi @Mohsin-mehraj, it appears we have exactly the same issue
I have just finish learning Go, but I can't even solve basic problems with it. Although I can say I understand the concepts relatively...
Where can we talk to look at how we can benefit each other?
Hi guys, would you be interested in spending Hacktoberfest by learning by contributing to open source projects? I'm assembling a small team.
4 replies
@dagost:matrix.org can a beginner be of any use?
I will be interested
yes, maybe. It's more about the attitude. If you are active and determined to learn, then I'm sure we will find something where you can be useful.
just by telling me that you are interested.. so you have just joined 😉 Let's keep in contact, I will send more info tomorrow, I have to sleep now
Hi everyone, is someone interested in learning java android and kotlin in the near future? I'm not a newbie but I still got a lot to learn
I'm learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript looking to partner up and build small projects
1 reply
Brandon Knope
Anyone looking to work on an iOS/SwiftUI app with someone? I’m trying to get my feet wet again
hi everyone, I have started learning machine learning and starting to build a few games with AI. Dm if anyone is interested
Venkat Swaraj
@rohan9024 are you a beginner bro
@NathanLiew214 I learnt HTML and CSS only
@Yexxen I am an absolute beginner to flutter
@dagost:matrix.org can i join i have knowledge only on HTML and CSS
I am starting my journey of DSA in java ..so any one who wanna be coding partner...mail me on .. pritee.joshi2206@gmail.com
Stephen Mordeno
anyone looking for a partner in learning flutter?
Oh my, is anyone looking for a partner in coding turn based, grid based tabletop games like chess?
Francis Obiozor
Hey Everyone, I'm a Electrical Engineer looking to switch to software development. I'm currently building projects using C#, Asp.net Core, and Javascript. I'm looking for a coding partner to keep myself accountable. Let me know if you're interested in partnering up?
Ali San
Hello everyone I am looking for a partner for coding - brainstorming - leaning or chatting about full stack web development. Doesn't matter which level. Preferably with knowledge of MEAN or MERN stack or JavaScript in general .I am an entry level developer.
Hi there, I'm learning Web development (Html/CSS). I need a learning partner to be more consistent be accountable.
Paulius Puskunigis
Hello, I'm looking for someone experienced with game logic and react js. I'm building a little blockchain game and realized that doing everything alone is just too much. Let's talk
Hello. Is anyone willing to work with me on a space reservation bot ? There is the potential to earn revenue with it.
Hello It's me Sanam!
GitHub: https://github.com/sanamhub
Aabhas Kumar Jha
hey there