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Dwight Spencer
thanks to the Dallas group, they figured out it was a version conflict with react-router-dom.
Deepak Tiwari
Is there anyone with whom i can practice questions from all the Competitive programming sites using C language? If anyone wants to pair program email me here: deepak.tiwari.d21@gmail.com
Bijan Parsiyar
Hii does anybody want to be coding buddies? I'm striving to be an amazing MERN dev!
1 reply
Yes. I'm down for a coding buddy!
@SeanPars I'm a beginner if it's ok with you,I would be glad
Nikhil Raghute
Hi, I'm looking for a coding buddy. Recently I'm learning/working on docker, airflow, Kubernetes, python stuff, but would also love to learn some fronted development, any good interesting tech things/projects. If you're interested feel free to contact me. Thanks:)
Jashanpreet Singh
Looking for a partner to improve my web dev skills, i am a beginner, just completed FCC responsive design course
This message was deleted
1 reply
Learning Go while solving problems at leetcode. Would help to have a partner instead of doing it alone, who has similar interests. Please DM or let me know at eman2020gl@gmail.com
sravani sridhara
Looking for a partner to improve my Datastructures and algorithm skills.
1 reply
Idris Fagbemi
@nraghute am interested
Patryk SosiƄski
Hello! I'm looking for a partner to improve Java skills and English together. I've already started working on my own project, so you can join me
1 reply
Rami Awar
Hello, I want to build a simple chess engine in Go and modify it to create chess special modes. Anyone interested in pairing? Backend work mostly, some frontend work for UI. Plan on working on this on weekends mainly.
2 replies
Hi guys, Im currently in the process of heading to a new career path. Ive been practicing for a while now on HTML/CSS/ and currently use SASS in all my practice projects. I'm currently studying Javascript, and never tried pair programming before. It would be nice to team up with someone in a similar position or better, who can help me answer some questions maybe. There are still some questions I have regarding the SASS also, and using parcel the bundle everything together. If you feel like you can help me out, shoot me a message. Happy Coding :) - Daniel
1 reply
Haresh Radhakrishnan

@sravanisridhara_gitlab I'm also looking for a partner to develop my DSA knowledge

would you like to join me?
if yes leave me a mail at haresh2569@gmail.com

I am learning python and I finished the basics. Now I am looking for a coding buddy to build some projects.
Fairy 123
I am trying to do coding problems on leetcode and hackerrank and would appreciate if anyone's interested to be my coding partner so that we could go over the problems together. If so, email me at fairywonderland123@gmail.com

Hi people, please could someone familiar with bem, offer some time to help me check my understanding of it. I think I've covered the naming conventions, but I don't understand the component based aspect of it.

I.e the module orthogonal side of things. Any help would be really appreciated.. Thanks!

Bhargav Reddy
Hi guys, I wanna do coding problems daily for the next 4 months to prepare forcoding interviews, if anyone is interested in the same can mail me at bhargavreddy713@gmail.com
Nitin Jain
I need mentoring
I need code partner on react native.
hello, im beginner and currently learning html, css and then gonna go for java- react and dive into web3. Finding coding partner that also into the same path. Really needsomeone to talk in same things
3 replies
Nitin Jain
Please give me your email id.
Nitin Jain
Hello , i am doing dsa and solving up coding questions to be prepared for interviews with c++ .i wanna do a good start with consistency and explore algorithms please do mail me : anchalpaswan10@gmail.com
2 replies
Anyone interested to collab and work on reactjs?
3 replies
Pranjal Paul
Looking for a collab for practicing DSA with Python/C++.
somalpreet singh
looking for collab for DSA with Java, have started with arrays, linkedlist, Recursion , backtracking , sorting algos etc.Anyone interested pls mail me at preetsomal3@gmail.com
@preetsomal3: yes
somalpreet singh
@georgemavro:matrix.org - lets connect then..my whatsapp - +91 8793434173
somalpreet shall i contact you or what's the deal
I am learning the topic you mentioned above.
@pranjalpaulgit5_gitlab hit me up doing the same
Learning image processing and practicing algo with python and c++ hit me up mail2kaifkhan@gmail.com
hey guys, Anyone interested to pair with me to learn DSA along with golang ?
@SandeepGolla DSA in which language ?
@shadowfaxx1 golang
Piyush Aggarwal
anyone want to learn react js together? i have never done this before though
2 replies
Hasan Awwad
anyone interested in pair programming react native?
Anyone interested in maintaining an Xposed module with me ?
My discord #Mino9161
Anyone looking for a react full time position ?
3 replies
Please DM me
@HasanAwad Yes
Hi, I am looking for a partner to program with. I have some basic skills in JavaScript and I want to learn more. I learned almost alone until yet and now I want to try learning with a partner to see how it feels. If you have interests please retry
1 reply