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mohammad ali lordifar
Hey Guys,
I am preparing myself for Meta interview and I am looking for someone who has experience with algorithms and data structure with Python to work with. Connect me if you are interested in.
@KRAiza DM me please
Hey πŸ– I am looking for a pair programming buddy for Javascript/React. I am working as a mid-level developer. Let me know if you are up to doing pair programming sessions. We can work on any kind of mock up, portfolio, clone etc. projects
2 replies
Haresh Radhakrishnan
@basaranb I'm really interested and like to code with you.
Catch me on email :haresh2569@gmail.com
Durvz Maia
Learning webdev working with django, looking for a code partner. Email me: durvalmaia.br@gmail.com
hello there πŸ‘‹ I just started learning web development and I want a coding partner / pair programming any level is welcomed (from scratch to expert) I would share with him my resource , videos, and notes I gathered from tutorials and fun learning games and helping tools and templets as well as doing some projects together to improve our portfolio please contact me through : fouadmahmoud281@gmail.com
or +201066248326
hari kunamneni
@alilfd:matrix.org I am interested in working with python Data Structures and algorithms, please send me a zoom link to hkunamneni@hotmail.com so that we can setup a schedule to work on
@alilfd:matrix.org @harikca_twitter I am intested to work with DSA Can I too join
Yash Raj Bothra
Hey guys I want to become better at solving algorithmic problems and also build some practice projects in javascript. If anyone is interested please let me know. (yashrajbothra786@gmail.com)
Hi guys , i am junior web developer , i know some js and i want to learn react , if anyone interested send me email at : lounas1994@gmail.com
K Noor Mohammed
Hi Guys. Anyone wanna pair with me on a project. I need some help with client side MVC architecture. I am building travel e-com website. I have a good understanding of concepts. However, I do not have a practical knowledge when it comes to implementation. I mean should I be worried about code organization and client side MVC model and other advanced architecture concerns from the beginning. Also is it possible to build an entrire ecommerce website single handedly by just using online resources. ? Also should I use vanilla JS or should use a framework. I am so confused as to what is better and will help build a fully on production website as quickly as possible with least efforts. If any one can suggest an ideal work flow or can guide me to some resource that I can use. I will really be greatfull. :)
1 reply
Esther Damilola
HI everyone. I am new to coding and I'll be honored if you all can put me through. Thank you.
i'm currently learning html via Freecodecamp
and ive been stuck for a while on step 12 of the class
1 reply
Alex Z
hey guys i have 3 years experience in web dev/software dev with html/css/js/react/mongodb/firebase etc etc if you ever need help or just have a few questions or loosing the inspiration and feel like you cant do this and need a pep talk drop into https://discord.gg/fmDqUYMw. discord and either myself or someone else can help you out. good luck everyone!
ps: also looking for collaborators on start-up ideas/ potentially lucrative applications. Alos back open for freelance contracts if you know someone looking. thank yoU!
credba 670
1 reply
anyone looking to learn reactjs by working on free project can collborate with me on discord msg me at - crebda670#3530
Bijan Parsiyar
hi guys does anybody want to pair program? I am a CS student currently in Uni.
Yes I have started learning DSA a month back and i need a coding buddy.Get me in touch at vibsin100@gmail.com
Timm Nicolaizik
Im currently working on a algorithmic trading project. I cover the whole pipeline from gathering the data, testing ideas and optimizing them. If you are interested in statistics, programming and trading you can hit me up, so we could pair programm to accelerate the progress. Of course you would be able to use the whole infratructure we are/would be building so its not like an employment but like a partnership.
Greetings :)
Hi! someone on Madrid?
Allan Oliveira
Hello everyone. I am trying to get a partner to go through open app academy. A free full stack bootcamp. I have good coding knowledge, I just need someone to keep me accountable and I’m return I will help you learn and vice versa. allanoliveira.dev@gmail.com
Hi. Anyone interested in pair programming using next, react? Have been learning them for sometime. Send a message if you are.
1 reply
Hey i am starting react development i want to know is free code camp react good to follow
3 replies
I have 6months of exp in React and looking for a buddy to build a personal project.
Albatatis I would like to build project with you
I have 2 months experience. I made some small apps.
@Akshatkumar4433 Cool, Lets talk
@Albatatis @Akshatkumar4433 can i also join you?
Hello guys!
Nice to meet you πŸ‘‹
I have a 1 year experience in Python
@Albatatis: I want to join your project, too.
Can you please take me in, too?
Charleston Peppers
Hi all, I have some Python knowledge. I just don't want to follow boring static video courses or bootcamps. If there is anyone who need an extra mind on a starting project, hit me up.
DO NOT contact that person, it's 100% a scam
Deloo lo
Hello, I'm searching for a programming buddy, who wants to learn a new programming language with me by doing some projects. I'd like to stay in contact with that person so we can help each other. If there is another girl(!) who wants to learn e.g. python or somethin else, feel free to contact me. :)
looking for a partner to learn one of these languages lisp(scheme, clojure), erlang, elixir or go
Jyotsna Gorle
@mujehoxe I am trying to learn go lang. I have worked with go for 2 years but lost touch. Let me know if you want ot pair. I am mostly trying to solve competetive programming challenges for now. To refresh my syntax.
@JyotsnaGorle_twitter here is my discord account mujehoxe#7471
Wilson Leung
Hello, I have knowledge on Python and SQL. I am searching for a partner who has knowledge in Python to build a robo-advisor together. The tech stack includes python, PostgreSQL, and django. This is a starting project which is more casual, but I do not eliminate the possibility of turning it into something we can monetize. If interested or simply want to connect please email me at wilson205401@gmail.com
I am looking for a coding partner to practice data structures and algorithms. Anyone who is interested can mail me on morevickey606@gmail.com
Arif Iqbal
Hey! Is anyone interested in building Laravel hobby projects together with me? If yes, please drop a line for me at arifktk32@gmail.com

Hi, y'all πŸ‘‹

Looking for a partner to create together an open source p2p torrent client: either Python, Rust or C++

If you're interested email me at multifrench@protonmail.com

If you enjoy complex tasks as I do, it's a perfect match. I hope we'll have lots of fun together 😊

Nikhil Raghute

Hi All,

I want to do programming with someone who's preparing for DSA(C++ is preferred but open to Python and Java too) interviews for product companies like Google, Uber, etc.

If you're not preparing for interviews but just wanna do for fun or knowledge and serious about it, feel free to DM me.