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Jul 2015
Jul 30 2015 00:44
What are your tips for finding time to code throughout the week?
Jul 30 2015 05:51
They have to tear my keyboard away, or I'd never stop
Betsey Biggs
Jul 30 2015 11:21
I code in the morning right before my shower, while my toddler chatters away in the bedroom...
Jul 30 2015 18:29
May Eunice
Jul 30 2015 20:09
@loveclari hereee!
Damita Salmon
Jul 30 2015 20:21
I work in an industry where the work flow is inconsistent so I mostly do it at work. Or pull a late night when I know my work is light the next day
Leandro Santos
Jul 30 2015 23:10
I don't belong here, sorry for posting anyway, but I'm at bonfire #32 doing all alone and I really wanted to do the rest of them pairing up! I used the "LetsPair" channel, but no response so far, so I came here just to leave this message... If anyone is up to pair, just DM me.. leaving... :wave: