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Aug 2015
Aug 01 2015 01:11
@SourApple good question! People tend to use voice chat when pair programming so that you talk over your thoughts about the challenge you're working on. But there's an option to chat via typing if you prefer. And maybe you could see if there's someone in the main pair programming room who speaks the language you're more comfortable with?
Aug 01 2015 08:50

@betsbillabong Good luck with jQuery, I just finished it and found it to be much more fun than HTML and CSS parts.

@linzgroves Thanks. I totally forgot about language specific rooms! I should check there. Though even then, I'd still prefer to type, so I'm glad there's an option for text chatting (a bit shy to do voice chat).

Betsey Biggs
Aug 01 2015 11:17
Thx @SourApple! The early codecademy intro to jquery totally confused me, but I'm finding the next lessons to explain a lot more!
Aug 01 2015 22:40
@SourApple Which language do you speak natively? There is a Spanish channel too, and French, German, Portugese, perhaps that would be easier?
@betsbillabong I have a two year old and a four year old, and I'm not working either. :) They are good motivation for me to keep going with climbing this hill. :) I live in the country and not near a city so meetups don't work for me either.