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Oct 2016
Sabrina Ferguson
Oct 31 2016 01:02

@Cyclokitty Yay, VueJS! I haven't built an app in VueJS yet myself, but I love everything so far I've read on it in the docs and a quick tut I read for it. I also don't like working with ReactJS, I find it a pain to work with personally, but it is very popular and companies do use it. Wes Bos' React for Beginners is a really great program, he does a great job of explaining things as well as pointing out gotchas you might come across while using React. Well worth it for the money.

I love Kyle Simpson's YDKJS, I don't know where it is, but he's also got a video of himself teaching it. Also a good video to visually see examples illustrating what he writes in the books. I think the videos are from FrontEnd Masters?

Oct 31 2016 14:07
Hi girls.I'm Simona and I just start to learn programming.I start with WEB DESIGN and my first enemy is organism my ideas.Can you give my some advices.Thank
Oct 31 2016 15:03
@itsacoyote what are the problems with React JS
is Ang JS more optimised
whats the diff between the two
@Cyclokitty are you a web dev
or trying to get into
what skill sets you hvae
Oct 31 2016 15:13
@popaSimona go to codecademy and complete theri HTML and CSS mini projects
that will give you more idea
to work on
probably create a resume
using HTML and css
Sabrina Ferguson
Oct 31 2016 15:33

@devpaaji there aren't any "problems" really with ReactJS. In fact, I can agree with people that ReactJS is probably more performant and efficient than Angular. However, I am not a big fan of the JSX one uses for templating and the mixing of javascript in and around templates (it can get complex) is personally not my cup of tea. I remember spending more time than I should trying to get a table to display correctly with some colspans and it ends up that you have to use a different keyword for colspan instead of the HTML colspan because of JSX. Just like you have to use className.

And sure, one could argue that it's just the nuance of React that you have to learn and use, it's no different than Angular's ng-* you have to use in templates. But I find my head can wrap around using these attributes to hook with Angular stuff than having to remember the html I'm working with in React is not HTML.

Overall, ReactJS is probably more optimised and smaller than Ang1. It's also more performant in rendering the views. Ang2 took some of these ideas and implemented them, so it's more optimized than Ang1 in that sense. I really like working with Ang2 so far. I am really liking VueJS which I have heard is more performant than React and I like the simplicity of it. There's far too many times where I start or jump in a project that is small enough that Ang or React just feel like overkill.

Oct 31 2016 17:11
should we prefer using raw JS instead of this frameowrks
i feel it becomes impossible to know everything
in this dna
how do employers expect web devs to know all these
Oct 31 2016 17:16
or they understand that learning all is impossible
willingness to learn
and atleast know the basics will do
Oct 31 2016 18:50
@Cyclokitty +1 for Tony Alicea! You just reminded me to go back to his stuff. I really like his teaching style and actually found it helpful to go through the comments for each section too. Def helped me to reinforce what I learned by trying to understand/answer some of the questions.
Oct 31 2016 18:51
@jn33 does Tony ALicea course have any projects
can you share the videos link siwth me
Oct 31 2016 18:54
@devpaaji I don't recall if there were projects but you can find his stuff on udemy. If you google his name a lot of teaching courses and YouTube comes up
Oct 31 2016 18:58
its there on YT
Oct 31 2016 19:12
Are any women starting the twitch project and want to pair porgram?
Laura Veee
Oct 31 2016 21:02
@devpaaji Not yet but I'm working towards becoming one
The JS: Understanding the Weird Parts says it has a project. You build a library. I'm not quite at that point yet. Hopefully I will in a couple of days.
Sabrina Ferguson
Oct 31 2016 21:30
@sunsplat hello fellow Atlantan :D I've already gone through the Twitch project, but I can help out with any questions on it
Sabrina Ferguson
Oct 31 2016 21:41

@devpaaji it's very good to learn Javascript well enough to write stuff with plain ol' JS. Learning through YDKJS or the Weird Parts helps with learning the interesting nuances of JS to help you through plain JS as well as through frameworks.

Frameworks are helpful in that you have a structured codebase that provides you a number of features/bells and whistles to start developing an application. You could build your own JS code that does something similar to what Angular or React does, but that's a lot of work to put in to do that. That gets more into software architecture and such, so it's not something I'd say is the way to go in the corporate world.

And it might be impossible to learn everything, but you shouldn't stress out over that. A good developer should be able to pick up any new framework and be able to learn in the process while developing in it. A good employer will also know this. I got my latest job even though I had no working knowledge of Angular and all their applications are developed with Angular.