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Nov 2016
Nov 13 2016 01:08
I finally found enough code snippets to edit and patch together that they worked.
After 8 hours, all the tests passed. I call that good enough for today.
@itsacoyote thanks for the help earlier :) are you familiar with launchcode at all?
Nov 13 2016 01:09
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Sabrina Ferguson
Nov 13 2016 04:12
@LaurenDoughty nope, I don't believe I'm familiar with LaunchCode. I've been working on programming for a few years now, so I haven't looked very much into some of the career training programs like those.
@LaurenDoughty Ah, having glanced at it, CS50 looks a little similar to the CS class that Edx provides, though I think that's the MIT one versus the Harvard. That's pretty challenging to jump into some intro programming classes!
oh my mistake, it's not MIT it's Harvard as well, it's probably the same class. I've got it on my list, but I'm still daunted by trying to start it :x
Nov 13 2016 12:59
@itsacoyote MIT's is offered in Python. Harvard's uses C. Both are offered through edX, though Harvard's course is always available and MIT's starts in January.