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Nov 2016
Ayşe Nur
Nov 20 2016 12:28
thanks @Cyclokitty , I actually liked Code School :p
Nov 20 2016 12:28
zumruduanka sends brownie points to @cyclokitty :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
:cookie: 694 | @cyclokitty |
Ayşe Nur
Nov 20 2016 12:29
is this something they do frequently? or is it rare?
Ayşe Nur
Nov 20 2016 13:11
I guess it is just something to celebrate 3 million users :-p
Nov 20 2016 15:26
Laura Veee
Nov 20 2016 17:05
@zumruduanka Code School had a free weekend back in either February Or January of this year. Why? It's a good way to advertise their courses. It's $40 a month to use so a free weekend is good advertisement. I ended up using the school for a couple of months.