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Dec 2016
Sabrina Ferguson
Dec 20 2016 01:29

Finally went and kicked my butt into gear and finished updating an old project of mine. Gotta say it's kinda funny but neat to see how my programming "habits" have changed over a couple years. If anyone's interested in checking it out and looking through it, the repo is public at and the new updates are on the branch 2.0. Master branch is still on the two year old code so you can easily download both to look through.

Next up on the new updates is to try and use some new ES6 stuff and probably bundle it all up with something like Rollup.js (or maybe Webpack). Another thing definitely on the list is to set up some tests for code. It's easy to forget and avoid it, but testing is pretty important :D Given all the hairy calculations and tracking of numbers, automated testing is definitely useful.