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Sep 2018
Sep 29 2018 06:15
@SquishyCoder thank you. I am planning to quit my job to start studying html, css and javascript. Hope i will be lucky to land a job :||||
Hello. I am vẻy new here :)
Sep 29 2018 06:23
I want to read all of comments in this chat room. Is there a button to go all the way on the top of this chat room? I would like to read every comments in here. Please help me!
Sep 29 2018 06:31
Toni Shortsleeve
Sep 29 2018 15:58
@htmdung1011 Welcome to the room. I'm not sure how to read all of the comments. I use the slider to go up. What exactly are you looking for?
You don't need to quit your job to start studying. You can allow yourself a couple of hours a day for learning the lessons, and once you have a solid portfolio you can submit to possible employers.
Sep 29 2018 18:36
@htmdung1011 Hello, no there is no functionality to go to the top of the room. You can search if you are looking for a specific word or term. Otherwise you would need to access the gitter archives and search each date individually.