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Oct 2018
Oct 29 2018 00:13
Anyone here starts to learn coding at 40? Can I find an entry level programmer at this age?
Oct 29 2018 01:01
@htmdung1011 im 38 and restarting my career over into development, i dont think age has anything to do with it, but more what you know and what you show what you can do
Toni Shortsleeve
Oct 29 2018 02:05
A few of us are close to or over 40. So we're facing age as well as gender issues. But There are also a lot of women-friendly companies and others who just don't care as long as you can do the work. Age and gender should never be a reason to not pursue your dreams.
Oct 29 2018 16:20
Hi all, I want to find a programming partner to work with but not sure if there are existing projects I can join. I have an idea but not sure if it’s practical. Is it possible to list the existing projects in this channel on a list on Github and the main contact for each projects? Therefore, if anyone looking for pairing can check the list.