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Kobi Bar Hanin
Hi! I’ve built an interactive git cli - igit. Check it out: https://github.com/kobibarhanin/igit to install: pip install igit
Cliff Galas
Does anyone know how to get gitter into dark mode
Kaz Baig
@Sn0wm8n click your profile photo in top right -> toggle dark mode
@kbaig thanks for the info!
Patrik Horný

Hey guys, I need your advice regarding web development as a front-end developer. I'm really interested in design and I've been learning HTML/CSS/Javascript for some time though I'm no expert to it and still got a lot to learn.

My main interest in front-end would be making a flashy/dynamic/animated/3d websites. Nothing regarding manipulating user data or back-end.

Here's a list of websites that made me wow and made me motivated to create something like this:





My question is what should I focus on. I'm kinda overwhelmed by the libraries that are available out there. I know that there's these libraries like Gsap, three.js but I don't know which one should be a good start.

Also, I'm currently learning Vue.js which I find cool but my question is these javascript frameworks would be suitable for these kinds of websites.

Corey Lewis
@Spreceriany for the 3d stuff, look at what companies doing that type of work are looking for, if there isn't a clear cut solution I'd suggest getting familiar with two or three of the big ones so you can talk about them in an interview
Usually the 3d type items are one all
Are one page of part, but it really depends. I will say general web development is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar more prevalent, so learning vue, react, etc will make you much more hirable
going through the express and node courses on free code camp has thought me a lot and i do have a lot of fun thinking of websites i want to build for experience but i dont know any backend to go live is there any good books to read on how to put up a mongodb, express server online with aws, linode or firebase. i have had issues with firebase before when trying to follow tutorials on youtube so i thought if you guys know of a big fat book that will help me understand back end and server functionality better. i do know how to put up a sql server and things but i am self thought and only know the lingo and what to put where so i want to get really deep into this now..
ZaO Lover
Hi folks,
Here's a professional problem solver with rich experience and knowledge in algorithm and data structure.
Don't hesitate to ask me.
Daniele Manca
Does anyone in here know how to feed content into a webpage from a google sheet?
Corey Lewis
@danielemanca1983 there is a whole REST api for google sheets https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/reference/rest/v4/spreadsheets
simple get format of GET https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}
you'd have to read in how they handle auth though
Jill Lee
Off topic but anyone know a free safe and reliable recovery files for an SD card?
Hi, does anyone know a good resource for implementing a linked list in JavaScript?
I'm still trying to figure out linked lists
Is it possible to see 'this' as a member of an object?
hi has anyone used react-spring for animation ?
if yes can you please look at this https://github.com/pmndrs/react-spring/discussions/1265 and tell me what am i doing wrong here

Is it possible to see 'this' as a member of an object?

what do you mean by this as member of object this can be called inside a class when called it returns constructor value

Anant Garg
Hi, does anyone know how can I test react code snippets in-browser? just like FreeCodeCamp does in their react curriculum.
@anantgargcq There is a react browser extension that will help debug/validate react on pages that you visit. You can find it on their website. Otherwise, according to React documentation, they utilize Jest to test React and so you would be able to write your own tests. I'm not sure if you are looking to write your own tests or just validate React JSX that you have written.
Corey Lewis
@anantgargcq codesandbox.io is an amazing place for that in a bunch of frameworks as well as react
Hello, my name is Fabiola. Im new in the world of code. It would be good to have a study partner in Discord for speak, help each other and share our progress.
@Kaisa-034 Welcome Fabiola!
@Kaisa-034 It might help if you specify where you are in the curriculum or what your interests are to find someone to work with
@Kaisa-034 also, check out the FreeCodeCamp/LetsPair channel for finding a partner as well!
Hussam Al-Tayeb
Is a program such as FreeCodeCamp helpful for someone 40 year old? I'm currently employed at a construction company and its future is very dim. Or is this something that fits younger people better?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
In terms of knowledge, I am not starting from scratch. I have extensive knowledge of Linux and plenty of C knowledge. I also know moderate java and C#
Nicholas Carrigan (he/him)


Read about freeCodeCamp's new chat server. And we mention Gitter and Discord in there as well. In short, these will continue to exist as unofficial chat rooms, and you all can move over to chat.freecodecamp.org whenever you feel ready.

Juljan Kandari

function addTogether() {
let firstArg = arguments[0];
let secondArg = arguments[1];

if (arguments.length > 1)

return firstArg + secondArg;}

if (
cfirstArg == 'number'&&
secondArg ){
return firstArg + secondArg;


else if(arguments.length === 1){
if (convert(firstArg) === undefined){
return undefined;

function convert(argument){
if (argument === "number"){
return argument ;
return undefined;


help please
why can not get this? addTogether(5)(7) should return 12
joaquin fox

Julian, a few syntax changes and a little refactoring will get you there. Look at this refactor.

function addTogether(arr){
return arr[0] + arr[1];
// returns 12

But we can do better still. Your function addTogether() only works for an array of length === 2. This isn't very useful. It would be better if we could add the values in an array of any length. There are several ways to do this:

function addAnyArray(arr){
let sum = 0;
for(let i =0; i ++; i < arr.length){
sum += i;
return sum;

// This will return 10

Using ES6, we can get a bit fancier, and terser (but these methods are a little harder to read). Here is an example:

[1,2,3,4].reduce((finalSum, interimValues)=> finalSum + interimValues);

// This will return 10

Hope this helps!

Juljan Kandari
Thank you
Hussam Al-Tayeb
can someone help me figure out why https://hussam.eu.org/demo/grid.html looks ok on android and desktop but not on iphones? I do not have an iphone and two people said the captions overlap the bouncing images.
Have you tried using the "inspect" tools on your browser, @ht990332? Probably not the same as using an actual phone, but you do have the option to see how your code would look like on Android/iPhone devices, with the "Toggle device toolbar" options.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@wordlesspirate hi. I did try inspect. it looks good there and on my android but not on people's iphones...
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@wordlesspirate I 'semi' forced the problem to show on regular browsers. would you mind taking a look. I think the next step is to figure out why they aren't stacking over each other. parent div is relative to body. children are absolute.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
anyone here has an iphone?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
ok, i fixed it.
Ferenc Fabian
Hi, https://github.com/PumpkinSeed/sqlfuzz got v0.4.0 with postgres support. Would be awesome if you can try it out and throw me issues if you find something. Many thanks if you do that.
Hi guys