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  • Jun 19 2020 20:09
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  • May 14 2020 22:39
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  • Aug 23 2018 16:58
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Please check the image, the challenge is not working I think, please someone check it out
Same problem here
Mrugesh Mohapatra
@RiruKira this chat room is for adminstrative discussion and abuse reports only. Please reachout to the community forum instead.
Karin Meersman
Hi, yesterday I contacted a freecodecamp admin member because I couldn't enter the forum. I think it was Randal something ?? I'm so bad at names and people and I can't find that list of people anymore. He works in a company that produces real estate internet solutions. Anyway, PROBLEM SOLVED! THANK YOU! I got in, reset my password.
Banned: @real-action , @minitechtips_twitter
Reason(s): Advertising / Warez website
Evidence: Removed due to the urls (see screenshot)
CoC: No
Kris Baillargeon
Banned: @Gastony
Reason(s): Advertising
Evidence: Removed due to the urls (see screenshot)
CoC: No
Shaun Hamilton
Hello all, I would open this in the forum, but have been struggling to get on...
Is anyone aware of what is causing a massive influx of spammers to the forum? Is this the cause of the server troubles?
I am shooting down about 10 spam accounts reported by the system, every hour, since coming on today. The accounts are all reported because the user/bot is creating accounts without reading any topics. They are ranging from auction sites, to escourt services.
Mrugesh Mohapatra
Yes, I figured that
I am trying to mitigate the attack.
Thanks for reaching out. You can leave the posts as is.
4 replies
Hello. Is a moderator available to approve my question? ImLostPleaseHelpThx
Christopher McCormack
Banned: @ankuraizada
Reason(s): Advertising
Evidence: See screenshot
CoC: No
Richard Francis
Hello, first time here and don't really know the Functions of this forum. I am interested in creating a course for freecodecamp but couldn't find a means to contact anyone except a link from the code of conduct page that links to an Admin forum
Frank Grimm
Is this the right place to report questions? The above multiple choice was part of the Python intro curriculum.
Oliver Eyton-Williams
Hi @igmrrf and @FrankGrimm, this room is intended for reporting code of conduct violations and the like. The best places to discuss adding new features/courses and reporting problems with the site are either the contributor room or the repository itself
Frank Grimm
Hi, @ojeytonwilliams thanks, I'll head on over there then, apologies.
Oliver Eyton-Williams
No apology necessary, @FrankGrimm!
Shaun Hamilton
Hey all, is anyone else noticing an increase in the number of spam posts on the forum?
Mrugesh Mohapatra
Hi Shaun, I think we should discuss this on the staff section in the forum. Not evryone visits this chat room
Do you mind starting a thread with your observations.
Shaun Hamilton