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hi all i have some queries to share with you
Anyone know of a cheat sheet pdf thinggy for various systems technologies ? i.e "IaC > Terraform" "CM > Ansible" etc. etc.
Can i run inline bash script from power shell ?
when i do sh sed -i.compiler.bak 's/"packages\/\*\/src"/"dist\/packages\/\*"/' tsconfig.json
i get sh : The term 'sh' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
@ZBAGI I'm not sure that you'd be able to run 'sh' commands from within powershell unless you installed something like WLS
Sau Cutee
@ZBAGI I am quite sure that 'by default' there is no sh command
as well as sed command
Hussam Al-Tayeb
sh -c "my command" from within another shell such as powershell
this should work with at least bash and ash.
@ZBAGI if you don't want to install WSL, busybox for windows will do.
Can someone explain what ls is showing? Fist time I got a pathname like this. Why does ls come empty without the -a flag?
Sau Cutee
you do ls with a/b/c which means you are trying to list files/directories 'inside' the a/b/c <which is empty>.
spencer phillips
hi guys! I am new to Linux. Do you have any programs for beginners/learning Linux that you would recommend?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@specspectacular_gitlab learning system administration?
been using Linux for two decades here. the best way to learn linux internals is to experiment and read wiki articles. https://wiki.archlinux.org/ is an excellent source of information. This is mostly stuff you will learn by trying.
I'm parrot linux user and my Wi-fi networks says "device not managed". Any one Who can help me?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@teddyhadish where are you reading that, networkctl?
Carlos Valdez
These linux courses may be helpful for somebody https://demogh2.wordpress.com/2019/10/03/cursos-tecnologicos-descargables/
Bailey Burnsed
RTFM, that is how I learned to use Linux. Hehe just joking, one learn Bash then learn VIM.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
Actually, the best way to use Linux is to experiment and find ways to accomplish tasks you need to do. 20 years of Linux experience here.
In other words, read and ask questions.
Hello, I have this problem. If Anybody have any please do share. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1183159/problem-in-playing-youtube-videos
*any idea
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@verv0eren Hi. Check in your package manager that ffmpeg is installed.
firefox uses ffmpeg to play videos.
Hi are there any wordpress nginx and ubuntu experts that can help me out with the configuration of nginx for 2 wordpress websites on the same ip, please PM (would also like to pay for your effort)
Michał Gibowski

Hi, I have one question regarding visudo.
Given this snippet:

joe ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /full/path/to/command ARG1 ARG2

what does the part ALL=(ALL) mean? Anybody can tell me?

@mgibowski Please use manpage. It will tell you exact/correct answer!
@mgibowski 1st ALL (any host), 2nd ALL (as any user). ALL is sudoers reserved alias. Lookt at: man sudoers for more details! Cheers!
Michał Gibowski
Is it necessary to learn source code of linux
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@feyjobs which part?
@feyjobs if you want to write applications for Linux, it is not necessary at all to learn the source code of the Linux kernel.
Luis Fernando Velasquez Porras
hi all
could someone tell me,how to remove password for user
Luis Fernando Velasquez Porras

passwd --delete username

is there a desktop environment made completely of html css js?
I don't think so
that would have to be rendered in a type of browser on the desktop wouldn't it
that "type of browser" then must of been some kind of software or collection that could interact with x window system
maybe if we used a fullscreen electron style setup
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@bluemarlin1134 there used to be a decade ago but it never picked up momentum due to issues with JS engines back then.
electron is a bad idea too under X11.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
Spidermonkey is better for this task as it has much more efficient GC.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
The compositor will have to be a native application of course.
Odell Joseph
Anyone know what would cause There is no secondary storage VM for secondary storage host in cloudstack ?