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@hussamT That's good to know, I work with alternative interface methods that integrate with the OS. By and large wayland by design breaks much of that integration.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@LexiconCode desktop support for wayland on NVIDIA needs at least a decade so X11 isn't going anywhere soon.
that wasn't entirely accurate. the missing piece is in xwayland but is unlikely to be ready anytime soon if ever.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
I mean for wayland to be an option for nvidia, all mainstream applications including things like blender will need to support native wayland and this needs a decade at least.
o/ fellow pingu's <gittervirgin
@LexiconCode if you want to learn linuxid sugest arch, if you just want toclickn go,then id suggest manjaro https://manjaro.org/ or artix https://artixlinux.org/
sticky keys Oo
OMGi am new responding to month old post, mibbe i should stick to weechat :/
Sourav Goswami
Hi there!

Recently I have been install Arch linux on many people's laptops and desktops. All of them are happy with the look and feel, speed, and it has got more user friendly than windows.

But none of them have have any idea about any command. They don't even know what a terminal is. So I have to keep every GUI programs that I can think of.

One of them has recently deleted the dot files because he thought those files just sits there as it is, and he then ended up with the ugly XFCE default theme and all the configurations are gone. Even Firefox has to be setup from scratch now!

So in the future installation, I have decided to lock all the dot files under $HOME in a way that it's writeable but not deletable.

I am aware of the chattr +i dir command, which makes the directory immutable but that's not what I want.

I can't put the $HOME folder under another folder, and set sticky bit to prevent deletion as well, I can't also change the permission.

Any idea how to prevent folder deletion but keep them writeable under XFS and F2FS?

Sourav Goswami
I don't have windows, but windows probably has this
Say I want to lock ~/.config/ from deletion. It will also be a plus if I the rule applies to only ~/.config/ and not contents inside... Is there a way to do these stuff?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@Souravgoswami the correct way to handle this is to use ext4 for the /home partition, and do weekly backups using e2image.
then if the user deletes his personal folders, you can restore them from the image.
And tell your users not to delete random things. I went through this back in the windows 98 days when users deleted random DLL files.
As a system administrator, it is your responsibility to make scheduled periodic backups.
Agustin Jimenez

Hi guys! sorry about that. I looking for a friendship to sharing about linux, maybe software topics. Here my whatsapp:

+54 11 3368-9815

Sourav Goswami
@hussamT, yes backup is one solution, but you know what, I charge for installing Linux, and I don't want to maintain computers of tens of neighbours and friends. Generally I don't, not a single problem occurred so far, I gave them pamac to update software, and there's every GUI alternatives. But one of them deleted the .config file even though I warned him some time ago...
BTW "the correct way to handle this is to use ext4 for the /home partition", why do you think EXT4 is better over XFS? XFS is faster than EXT4 in most cases, and even more robust than EXT4. I never had a single failure to XFS partition even after power losses, reset during laptop freeze. But some time ago, I had a Ok SD card for the raspberry pi, which also runs Arch Linux (ARM) on XFS. As you might know, if you keep your memory card for long without using it, data rot happens, that's what also happend with me, I had to just run xfs_repair /dev/sda2 (the root partition) to fix this problem.
XFS is the best FS, but after ZFS I think. But the problem is it won't let you shrink storage, but only grow (xfs_growfs) the file system. I am an XFS fan, so won't be using EXT4 unless there's a really good reason for that...
Are there any people in here that are familiar with ElementaryOS?
Hussam Al-Tayeb
@Souravgoswami ZFS isn't upstream so it won't get enough testing. If you want to use XFS, and follow LKML guidelines, you have to stick to mainline kernels. With ext4, you can use LTS kernels( 4.4., 4.19, 5.4, etc...) safely.
Hussam Al-Tayeb
Regardless of the filesystem, if you are charging for installing Linux, it would be nice to provide support. I heavily patch desktop environments and kernels to fit specific use-cases and hardware. It's a pretty common thing to do periodic backups. Once a month should suffice.
Sourav Goswami

Actually I compile Xanmod kernel for the needs of my customers, Xanmod kernel with (M) EXT4, (N) to EXT2 and EXT3, ZoneFS, etc. And (Y) for XFS, and disabled NUMA.

And I also use a lot of configuration that I already have. Most of the neighbours and people who use Arch now are basically noob, they don't care about a lot of feature, so... so far my custom configuration file compiled with CFLAGS O3 and -fno-plt, for x86_64, works just fine.

For me, I use -mtune=native and -march=native, never had any problem so far.

I use the default schedulers that xanmod provide... The Xanmod kernel really makes system faster, but being in performance governor, the system may use some extra battery power!

hi, how should i download the packages to SD CARD?
i want to use this : https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference, don't have enough memory on Nvidia Jetson TX2, so i want to install libraries to SD CARD and want to do object detection etc.
is that any reason a prcess start from such a low address?
docker? ld reallocated?
Christopher Jaeger

When I do a systemctl start on a unit, does it use environment variables I have exported?

If it does, and the service crashes and restarts, are those variables still available to it?

Hussam Al-Tayeb
@caJaeger how did you set those environment variables?
If you set them just now and did systemctl start service, don't expect that to work.
if you want those environment variables to apply to the whole system, place them in /etc/environment.d/myvar.conf.
if you want them to be specific to that particular service, edit the unit file and add Environment=myvar=myvalue in the [Service] section.
Christopher Jaeger
@hussamT That was my suspicion, thanks! I inherited a bunch of bash scripts that need updates and I am just trying to make sure I don't break anything. I didn't think services could ingest variables exported like that, but these scripts made me question myself!
Hussam Al-Tayeb
I would go for the last option
Christopher Jaeger
Perfect, thanks! And thanks for the clarity, I am more confident with these changes now!
Christopher Jaeger

@hussamT While you are here, I wonder if you have any idea how to accomplish something -

Say I have a variable defined in my shell. something=thing

How can I use the "env" keyword (or any method beyond export) to have that variable present in a child process if it's already set?

Hussam Al-Tayeb
the easiest way would be to "myvar=value childprocess"
Christopher Jaeger
Right, but I already have the variable set elsewhere in the script
would I just myvar=$myvar childprocess? It seems redundant
Hussam Al-Tayeb
the child process should read it then as long as it was defined earlier.
Christopher Jaeger
Oh I thought it needed to be explicitly exported to be read
Hussam Al-Tayeb
just childprocess will do
Christopher Jaeger
huh. Okay, I definitely thought I had a handle on how that works but apparently not!
Hussam Al-Tayeb
here is a simple example https://pastebin.com/raw/9EkYkf7z
Hussam Al-Tayeb
now if you want your variables to be available only to the subcommand, you can wrap it in a function() and use "local myvar=value" then run 'function'
Carlos Valdez
I have a question, is it possible to create interactive pdf forms with LaTeX?