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Alex Vipond
@zhakkarn no prob, if I figure it out I'll write up a guide for the docs
William Montgomery

Hi @zhakkarn first off thanks for the assistance with the heroku app. I was able to show them the user interface and that alone was enough to get their gears spinning.

Previously we used a paid platform that allowed our database/ BE layer to take new users events parse them and then feed them to a paid mailing platform. We currently have multiple mailing lists, and I'm envisioning take the event, format it, and send to the mail four good application. Upon where it gets placed into the correct mailing list. Additionally it would be nice to have the response status from the mail blasts to be sent back to the primary backend so we can figure out what to do with those.

Pretty much we want to have our non-technical marketing person not have to perform weekly database queries, or use our admin dashboard and manually update the lists.

Valentin Dupas
@wimo7083 Here is what I understood, correct me if I'm wrong: You are retrieving subscribers via a form somewhere. This form pass the user to your database which raise the event "format then pass to mailing service". What you want is replace the mailing platform you are using and replace it with MfG. So it would require us to expose the backend of MfG as a restful api? What you are calling "the primary backend" is your backend? Right now the address used to send the blast receives an email when the blast is done announcing how much time it took and how many emails were sent(but, yeah it's quite primitive and could be upgraded). One of the aim of MfG is to be used by the least tech-savvy people as possible (even though having it as a "host it yourself" solution goes wildly against that) so your marketing people won't have to do DB queries and the admin rights right now are mostly to guard the ability of creating/deleting accounts on an MfG instance. Note that all accounts have separate set of Amazon-SES credentials under "settings" so the ability to send the blast is guarded by who do you give the Amazon-AIM credentials to.
So, what you want to do for now is to manipulate the lists in a restful way so you can integrate that to the frontend you are giving to your non-dev coworker?
William Montgomery
I think you are much better at describing things than me
Valentin Dupas
@wimo7083 This is pretty much on the todo-list but not at the top. After making a way more easier way to deploy an MfG instance (the horeku button was the answer). I'll go after better testing by using cypress.io in combination with Travis or Circle so I can put more faith into PRs (my owns included). Then will come the task to make a clean way to update MfG instances. Only after all that I might consider totally decoupling the front and back of Mail-for-Good to make the backend a fully fledged rest API. Now if it's a priority for your team and have people willing to do it then go for it. We states in our Readme.md that we welcome all PRs, although I would recommend dropping an issue explaining what you want to do, how and why then get it validated/challenged before going for it (it would hurt me physically to reject work just because we didn't take the time to agree).
Hi, something weird happens with the text of the received mail.
This is my email template text (same as shown by Quincy):
Mail for Good1.png
And this is my received email:

The weird {email}},< link points to:

https://bingobo.herokuapp.com/clickthrough?url=div><div><br></div><div>Go to {freecodecamp/https://www.freecodecamp.com&trackingId=example-tracking-id

maybe some parsing issue or i'm missing something?

And if i remove either the email variable or the link, it works as expected
@QuincyLarson @zhakkarn @karuppiah7890

Valentin Dupas
Thank you @DavOnGit for raising this. From what I'm seeing I do have the same idea as you but sadly I'm on the go and won't be able to look into it until tomorrow.
Valentin Dupas
it appears that, for some reason, the tracking link was dealt with before the replacement of the variable. And the tracked link syntax is any string looking like {label/link} , in this case it took {{email}},</div><div><br></div><div>Go to {freecodecamp/https://www.freecodecamp.com} instead of what you intended (see the missing '{' on the left of the variable in the second image and the fact that the variable hasn't been replaced by its value). I'll keep searching as to why it was done in this order because to me the code looks synchronous and deal with the variables before.
How can we fix this?
Can i help?
Can you point me to code/file where variable merging happens?
Is this a regression or this happens in previous relases too?
@zhakkarn @karuppiah7890 @QuincyLarson
Valentin Dupas
I don't know what to say other that I can't reproduce the problem encountered by @DavOnGit . Does anyone have the same info and potentially more intel on this?
Alex Vipond
@DavOnGit were you writing this as a plain text email, or HTML? Looks like Quincy was writing directly into an HTML email
Valentin Dupas
I'm 99% sure he did write it with the HTML editor because if you look at the url he gave us you can see it contains div tags and that it is a part of his email
Alex Vipond
@zhakkarn I'm wondering if clicking back and forth between plain text and HTML after typing the {{ }} might have messed things up
I'm still on this!
Can't figure out why this happens only to me :sweat_smile:, because @zhakkarn can't reproduce this behaviour on his own deployement.
So to help reproduce my case the app is deployed (with default credentials) HERE
@zhakkarn since my amazon SES is still sandboxed, i have to whitelist your email address
@AlexVipond I wrote it with HTML editor (following quincy's video)
Sorry for poor english and tanks for helping :sparkles:
Valentin Dupas
Sorry for the late answer to all of this. I don't have any excuse.
@AlexVipond Maybe, but probably not. Every time you switch to the HTML editor the emailbody stored in the redux state is corrected to valid HTML (even though it might missplace some tags such as a missing </strong>)
@DavOnGit I have verified my email address to be used with your SES account.
I really don't know how to take this problem. It definitely looks like a race condition but the code looks synchronous. I also can't reliably (if at all) reproduce the problem and it is in a part of the app which needs to be as fast as possible so I can't be heavy handed and force everything to run in a synchronous way.
Valentin Dupas
@AlexVipond Also the {{ }} are processed at send time. So switching back and forth doesn't touch these.
Adinarayana Raghu
Anyone here who can help me install Mail for good on Amazon instance
Adinarayana Raghu
@smiller171 I installed the docker on the AWS instance and Oauth setting done.
Now how do I open the application on the web browser?
James Thurber
@adinarayaanraghu95 You should be able to use the DNS or IPv4 address of the EC2 instance to get to Mail For Good
Adinarayana Raghu
Hey the setup is done.
Just wanted to know if we won't be able to send attachments using mail for good?
Valentin Dupas
@adinarayaanraghu95 Right now, you can't send attachments with MfG. You can still use links pointing to some resources though.
Tania Rascia
Hi all
Is there a resource for getting a list started?
I keep trying to upload a CSV and nothing is going through
Thanks @jdja, your comment helped
Valentin Dupas
@taniarascia Right now there is no option to start a list from scratch bu using the following CSV should be a good place for you to start
email, var1, var2
yourEmail@somewhere.smt, value for var1, value for var2
Alex Vipond

Trying to revive an older Github issue: freeCodeCamp/mail-for-good#226
Looks like @karuppiah7890 or @4iar might know how to solve it

TL;DR, I'm having trouble getting MfG to consume the feedback from Amazon SES. That is, when Amazon SES tells my app that an address has bounced or complained about spam, the app won't show that info in the campaign report, and more importantly, it won't removed bounced addresses and complaint addresses from my email list.

The list I'm working with unfortunately has enough faulty emails that my SES account will get put on probation if I try to send more messages (Amazon requires a bounce rate of less than 5%). If I can just get one good round of feedback from SES, I should be able to clean out that list.

Sarah Schneider
If anybody else is looking for an HTML template editor, we have implemented one successfully in SEIU503's fork of the project at https://github.com/seiu503/mail-for-good. we have also implemented scheduling emails in advance, and currently working on making saved campaigns copyable/editable and some other features, like the ability to control styling and placement of the unsubscribe link
Ben (Xiaojun) Li
Hi, what is the syntax to embed an image in the email in the M4G HTML editor?
Veer Singh
Hi, can anyone please help me to figure out where i can locate the AWS encryption password?
Palash Bauri
Hey , I'm wondering if there's any demo for MFG?
James Thurber
Can someone explain how I add users to my instance of mail for good? I try adding a user by email and it says 'This user does not exist'.
Cost per million emails sent is slightly larger as per this source (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZV3nr6DLwHShrPIHtPll-UjZ-DCadcjsYy-UpDEXq5E/edit?usp=sharing)
Can someone confirm this ?
Hi, Is anybody help me to run the M4G API's directly in the postman?
I tried to create public API without any middleware but still getting HTML response
Is anyone here who can help me to implement email functionality for sending the drip sequences?
Meera Menon
Hi, I am Meera, one of the students at FCC . How can I contribute or help with groups for some open source projects
Hi @meeramenon07
Do you have any experience in react-redux?
Akshay Kanthi
Is there a documentation on how one can track emails delivered and opened? Thank you!
Thibault Lafargue

Hi, I had a working MFG instance about a year ago. I recently booted it back up and it seems I am having trouble with Google oAuth. I get an internal server error upon trying to log in. Here is the trace:
app_1 | Error
app_1 | at /usr/src/app/node_modules/passport-google-oauth20/lib/strategy.js:95:21
app_1 | at passBackControl (/usr/src/app/node_modules/oauth/lib/oauth2.js:132:9)
app_1 | at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/usr/src/app/node_modules/oauth/lib/oauth2.js:157:7)
app_1 | at emitNone (events.js:110:20)
app_1 | at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:207:7)
app_1 | at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1045:12)
app_1 | at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:138:11)
app_1 | at process._tickDomainCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:218:9)

What are the most common issues with Google oAuth, I've tried just about everything and can't get it to work.

Emre Demirel
Hi folk. Indie hacker who is running is small newsletter project. I also want to contribute this project. Do you guys accept novice developers? 🤔
Hello,I am new here (Riddhi Jain)
Is there any beginner here,who can start with collaborating and learning together.