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Vishesh Mangla
They helped me setup venv a few days back
Davide Pugliese
It fails at installing accesscontrol4
Vishesh Mangla
but what are you aiming to do with this?
Davide Pugliese
I just want to install zope.interface
Vishesh Mangla
let me see what it is
Davide Pugliese
Because I do not like the idea of extending classes with ABC
Vishesh Mangla
why dont you just make a venv
and then pip install it?
Davide Pugliese
Well, I thought this was the standard way now
Vishesh Mangla
Well pip install always works else you can download wheels manually from a site
I forgot the name of the site but yeah I can google it in a bit
can you elaborate what this package does?
Davide Pugliese
Well, zope is used to create interfaces in Python
Vishesh Mangla
what are they?
I did read the docs
Davide Pugliese
Contracts for your classes
When you implement an interface your class must have the methods declared in the interface
I wanted to test if this worked also with typed definitions
So I can use type definitions in these interfacing avoiding to pollute my code
Vishesh Mangla
didnt pip install do it?
Davide Pugliese
I fixed it by using Python 3.7 instead of pypy
Hi Guys , I am trying to deploy the opencv in the heroku using the python flask . I am getting the following error : ImportError: libSM.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Is there any way to deploy the opencv in the heroku ?
I have a question regarding to cryptographic function

Dear All,

We are using Oracle Solaris 10 and it has Python 2.6.4 version in it.

Some of the existing python applications are using Python 2.6.4.

We are planning to develop some new python application and would like to use python 3.x since it is latest and has breaking changes compared to 2.x

We want to have multiple version of python installed in Solaris 10 so the existing applications are not impacted.

As per the below blog i can understand it is possible to run multiple python versions in same machine.

Can you please let us know if 3.x is compatible with Solaris 10 and if anyone have installed 3.x version of python in Solaris 10 successfully.

@ravi21588 Have you tried pyenv?
@elcolie no not yet,i am a new to python.I would like to check the support before i try something new.
python 3.x support for solaris 10
Then try it and get back to me
Trusty Man
Please help me with python json.loads error
[ERROR] JSONDecodeError: Expecting ':' delimiter: line 1 column 992 (char 991) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/task/lambda_function.py", line 37, in lambda_handler payloads = json.loads(payloads_str) F
I can't find what the error is.
Bjorn van de Peut
@TrustyMan It means that your JSON string is malformed. It contains an error. More specifically it's expecting / looking for a colon : at some point in your JSON string and did not receive one
Pipfile.lock (492ab6) out of date, updating to (f1f2cd)...
Locking [dev-packages] dependencies...
x Locking Failed!
I am unable to install the dependencies
I am using python 3.4.9 but some how I get python 2.7
in traceback
Pls can someone help
Christopher McCormack
@Navyya you should provide more details, like what command you ran, the output that includes python 2.7, etc... If the log is very long please post it on an external site and provide a link
Vishesh Mangla
hi anyone here?
if i run the command start.sh using python i get following error
Creating Python environment & installing dependencies
./scripts/start.sh: /home/nainasharma/.local/bin/pipenv: /usr/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
Database exists
first i had python 3.4.9
but then somehow it was taking path of python 2.7
i removed python 2.7
now I get this error
@cmccormack now I had installed python 2.7 too nowI get an error of pipfile.lock failed to download dependencies