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try sudo snap install pycharm-community —classic
@sheerluck It worked! thanks a million!!
I used this one: sudo snap install pycharm-community —classic
Aviraj Khare
./run hello_world.sh
Sara Alomran
hey guys i have a question regarding API requests using python
anyone interested to help?
Philip Durbin
@saraalomran3_twitter I can try. What's your question? :)
Sara Alomran
Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 5.44.28 PM.png
guys how can i plug (user_input) inside the url instead of (google.com)
a changing variable that i take from the user
whats the syntax
Philip Durbin
@saraalomran3_twitter well, please be careful to sanitize user input to prevent security problems
user_input = request.form['url']
url = f"https://endpoint... 71b&host={user_input}" # notice f
print(url) # https://endpoint... 71b&host=boo.me
t = requests.get(url)
Sara Alomran
Jeferson Moura
Hey guys, some partners and I are building an open-source API Gateway in Python/Django with a lot of features and I'd like ask you for feedback. Our idea is to help developers to speed up the process of application and API creation, including the admnistration of them. We want to also encourage people to use "micro" services and industry standards, so they can connect services that are built in different languages and use them seamlessly. Keep in mind that this project is still in progress and it's not in version 1.0 yet but it will be ;). I'd love to get some feedback from you all, so you can email me directly jeferson@buildly.io or the team team@buildly.io
Thank you and have fun :D
Sorry for the long message
Sara Alomran
hey guys i got a question.
i used a python library that generates xml sitemap for any website, this is the screenshot of the output it gives, the thing is i want to only print out the url object ( a string object) not the whole objects which are ( priority, last_modified, change_frequency , news_story)
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 4.28.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 4.34.58 PM.png
and this is the code that i wrote
Sara Alomran
how can i append all url object in one list then print it?
knowing its xml
this is the library's documentation
Sara Alomran
nevermind guys it workeddd
I’m facing some problems in firebase using python and I hope you could help in this.
I’ve list of strings and I need to store each element of the list in firebase but, this what I got “firebase_admin.exceptions.InvalidArgumentError: Invalid data; couldn't parse JSON object, array, or value.”
    for i in indusry_list:
        name= i
            "cpc": cpc,
            "serp": serp,
            "volume" : vulme}


    SUPERHEROES2 = db.reference('Industries/')

    #end of for loop
this is the code. Thanks in advance!
Francisco Albert Albusac
guys, during an installation with PIP in mac I'm having an error and is saying: Check the logs for full command output., but is not saying what file is that log. Exist any default one?
Could you give us the full traceback ?
Francisco Albert Albusac
is sorted out, I reinstalled python and it didn't happen again, not sure about the reason
Joe Gasewicz
hey guys , I would be really grateful if anyone wants to star my Flask library, thank you: https://github.com/joegasewicz/Flask-JWT-Router

Hey guys, I'm trying to make a network scanner using this tutorial: https://www.thepythoncode.com/article/building-network-scanner-using-scapy , this is what the result should look like:

available devices on the network:
IP                                                         MAC                                    mac:address:...                                    mac:address:...

However, the response looks like this:

Begin emission:
.Finished to send 256 packets.
Received 67 packets, got 0 answers, remaining 256 packets
Available devices in the network:
IP                  MAC

I used the code exactly as in the tutorial, however, the output remains the same, does anyone know what went wrong and how I can fix this? thanks in advance!

@WebGearMT maybe you are not in 192.168.1.xx network:
# ip route | grep 192.168.1
default via dev enp4s0 proto dhcp src metric 204 dev enp4s0 proto dhcp scope link src metric 204

# ifconfig | grep 192.168.1
        inet  netmask  broadcast

# python scapyall.py
Available devices in the network:
IP                  MAC         1c:74:44:44:44:44        44:8a:44:44:44:44 is my zyxel, is my desktop, is my notebook, oh and this:
# whoami
After studying your information here I realized that all I needed to do was change the network used in the tutorial to my own network, silly me haha, thanks a lot!
Hi, why we need uwsgi infront of flask server? Is there any advantage? As of now, I just using Nginx infront of flask server.
how does your application talk to the web server then ?
i don't think, your flask application can understand the request directly from nginx
To intermediate between your nginx and your python flask application, one need to use some WSGI complaint server like uwsgi or gunicorn

and the request from Nginx will be translated by wsgi server and will be given to your python application.

----request---->[nginx]---->[wsgi server]----->[flask]

I'm not entirely sure, but I think you could use nginx to proxy requests to a Flask server. That said, @aaqibjavith please don't. The Flask docs even tell you that the development server is not to be used in production. You don't have to use uwsgi. Gunicorn, waitress, CherryPy, Twisted can serve up your application
Use whichever wsgi server you like, just don't use the Flask development server in production. It's single threaded if I recall, it's insecure
flask or others have their own web servers they can run. But if you need to integrate with nginx/apache you need a wsgi complain server to intermediate. I have not tried the proxy stuff
Hi,Anyone know how to use a treeview in tkinter to insert,update,get data from postgres?
Hello.. one question, I’m new to uwsgi and when I run the code pastebin.com/raw/ZagmAMkc using the command uwsgi --http :9090 --wsgi-file wsgi.py --enable-threads --processes 2, I get two processes, but the thread that I’m creating is running only in the main process.. I was expecting the thread also to be part of the fork, but that is not the case. How is it working internally?
@millefalcon I think, flask implement WSGI internally. I just use the proxy pass in Nginx configurations