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"fast commit" lmao
I mean, that's better than my fast commits: they're usually just a letter or two ;-;
Ooh, beautiful CLI. I starred so i can read code later
Not argparse-
Kobi Bar Hanin
@ThatXliner Thanks! Feel free to use and contribute if you’re up for it.
I would sure like pre-made git aliases ;p
@kobibarhanin hmm, what code style? black?
What's the difference between the realeaswe workflow and the publish workflow?
(Also, twine has an option --skip-existing so it won't fail the run)
3.7+, right?
Kobi Bar Hanin
@ThatXliner I use the release for “official” versions, no real difference otherwise. Black is ok, haven’t really dug to deep to it honestly.
And yes, 3.7+
Joshua Jamison

Hey Pythonista's, I wanted to share another project that I have been working on which is quite relevant for those using asyncio and need to interact with Databases.

aiopyql - https://github.com/codemation/aiopyql

An asyncio ORM for interacting with databases in a more sql like way using python. Because all queries use JSON serializable data structures, it makes it very appropriate for the API space. This comes native with some more advanced features like caching, schema discovery, and query queuing . Currently supporting sqlite, mysql.. postgres still in the works, I would be very happy to hear what others think of this so far.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman
append is not working in python 3.8.5
I have a list like A = list([1, 2, 3, 4]),
I want to add the first element of the list at last. So I am giving input like A = A.append(A[0])
its showing NoneType error massage
A.append() will apend in-place
Since there is no return value (i.e. it's not making a copy), it returns None yet still apending to the list

@ThatXliner I use the release for “official” versions, no real difference otherwise. Black is ok, haven’t really dug to deep to it honestly.

To be honest, there's so many tools in the python community that I don't know what to use

For now
I prefer not using dependancy pinners and project managers (I like writing my own setup.py)
But I do use
flake8, black (the formatter), mypy, and isort
Im not sure about pylint tho
Sigh, python2
It doesn't have decent emoji support
nor fstrings
Hi Everyone can somone help me please
Not identation needed between imports libraries.
ZaO Lover
Hi folks,
Here's a professional problem solver with rich experience and knowledge in algorithm and data structure.
Don't hesitate to ask me.
okay, thank you ^_^
Siddhant Sanyam
Has any once experienced doing subprocess.call on an interactive sub process but having trouble with Ctrl+C capture ? I feel like I never have a great experience using Python to wrap an interactive subprocess. Were thinking if it's common in Python.
Joshua Jamison
Here is a guide I recently created for Building a Database REST API with FastAPI
Fintan Moloney
I've been trying to paginate a client API, I've done what it says in the docs: https://gist.github.com/Josebuendia/77d0810c99450cce165ce27f8f3c08e7 but to know avail, is there something I'm miss reading or something? https://develop.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053166513-Paginating-through-lists-using-cursor-pagination I'm getting a status 400.
Christopher McCormack
Hello! If you are new here and want to join the conversation, please head over to the freeCodeCamp Discord channel! https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/freecodecamp-discord-chat-room-server/
Hello! I need to write a piece of code to convert "text to video". Is this something possible with Python?
Tristan Gray
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to python and am trying to define a function that creates a file with the filename passed as an argument. So create_quiz(quiz1) would create a file named "quiz1.txt" but every time I try to call this function it simply returns "quiz1" is not defined. How can a store the function argument as a variable so that I create a file with the same name as the function's argument?
Having typed that out I realize it was probably not very clear.
Steve (Gadget) Barnes
@reddyymr You can install and use moviepy (https://zulko.github.io/moviepy/) which on first use installs FFMPEG - you will also need to install ImageMagick. With that combination you can even create your own star wars like titles as one of the demos shows (https://zulko.github.io/moviepy/examples/star_worms.html)!
Neil Haria
Hey folks,
Have anyone of you converted ppt to scorm package with python? I can't find any package out there doing the same.
Rolands Jegorovs
Hello, is anyone familiar with PIL image processing and could help me with this question?
Hi all
I am running test with pytest and coverage and this in ci. I have been looking around to find a way to set cover treshold so if coverage fails it it is not met similar to coverage treshold in jest for Node/Js for those who knows
Is it a way to do it with the library instead of getting the report and parse it myself ?
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
hi plz
hi, i want to write an application with PyQt5 or etc. on ubuntu and want to run like a calculator, office program, just click and launch, i mean launch not via terminal, not like python3 gui.py on terminal