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Nov 2014
Micah Denbraver
Nov 30 2014 04:11
Thoughts on making SQLite the default db backend instead of a local PostgreSQL server?
Trey Hunner
Nov 30 2014 07:38
macro1, that plan sounds fine to me if you think it makes development easier
I think I went with postgres because it mirrored the server setup, I was using JSONField (and thought that actually mattered for some reason), and I thought the default Ubuntu setting was postgres:postgres but maybe it's not
Micah Denbraver
Nov 30 2014 16:37
I've set it up twice now, you need to set the password for 'postgres' manually. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice if the README has 3 commands, you run them and you're in business. You can still override to have a local PostgreSQL server obviously, and the CI service will still test using PostgreSQL.