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Chuanrui Li
nice app
Hey, guys! The latest version would be even better.
First, the problems are divided into different levels and topics.
In problem description, I update the font family to monospace to achieve better format.
You can also random pick one problem if you just don't know where to start.
It will published very soon!
Chuanrui Li
In future, may be we can have more than 200 questions
It will be very nice
Awesome app ever
We definitely will. And not only leetcode will be included, we will even have more problems from different online judges, say lintcode, hackerrank etc.
But right now, let's cover the most common problems first so that you guys can benefit most from it.
Chuanrui Li
Just check out the latest version. Pretty nice
my favourite part is the solution. Very detailed explanation.
If the app can include more than 200 questions, it will be awesome.
I appreciate your feedbacks and support. Please help me spread the word and share the APP if it really helps.
It would also boost my dev speed if there are more users. Full solution is on the way.
Chuanrui Li
For sure, I have already told 5 of my friends
They all like your app
So great to hear that! Appreciate it!
Awesome repos!
Thank you very much!
Ronak Shah
@FreeTymeKiyan where can I find the app. Sounds interesting.

i have a problem.

(Javascript)LEETCODE NO.17 , run time error when after submitting but do pass the test when i run the code

My code:

 * @param {string} digits
 * @return {string[]}
var letterCombinations = function(digits) {

    let map=['','','abc','def','ghi','jkl','mno','pqrs','tuv','wxyz']

    let nums = digits.split('')

    let code = []
    let comb = (arr)=>{
        let tmp=[]
        for(let i=0;i<arr[0].length;i++){
            for(let j=0;j<arr[1].length;j++){
            return arr[0]
        return arr[0]
    return comb(code)

error message

Line 19: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
Rahul Agrawal
hey guys,
I am having a trouble
class Solution {
    vector<vector<int>> flipAndInvertImage(vector<vector<int>>& A) {
        int count=0;
        for(auto i : A)
        {   count=i.size();
            // cout << i[0] <<endl;
            for(int j=0;j<i.size()/2;j++)
                 int temp = i[count-1];
                cout << i[j] <<endl;
                cout << i[count-1] <<endl;
                i[count-1] = i[j];
                i[j] = temp;
                cout << i[j] <<endl; 
                cout << i[count-1] <<endl;
//                 if(j!=(count-1))
//                 {

//                    cout << i[j] <<endl; 

//                 }

        return A;
why this code isn't working
i don't know
plz help